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  1. A cool story about former Eagles DL Brandon Bair who saved a man's life from a burning crash with a train. You don't hear many stories like that with former Cowboys players.🤨 https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31412718/former-nfl-defensive-end-brandon-bair-saves-man-fiery-train-crash https://www.phillyvoice.com/brandon-bair-philadelphia-eagles-idaho-train-truck-crash/
  2. It would be great and when we beat them, they will really be miserable.
  3. Sanders is obviously a lock. I think Gainwell will probably be a lock because I doubt he makes it to the PS without someone claiming him. So, it sets up an interesting 3 way competition between Scott, Johnson and Howard for what will most likely be two spots.
  4. Sherman and Norman are just big names at this point. They are basically done. I think the FO has devaluated CB like LB in recent years. It is going to be an issue. We might be able to get one CB like Nelson in FA, but we don't have the cap money now. We really need at least two more CBs and we just have a bunch of street guys and Slay. I'm not high on Maddox at all. He has regressed and I don't think it is completely based on slot vs. outside. He is lucky we have a massive lack of talent at CB, so it ensures he will be back again. Maybe Gannon can salvage him. I think value was on the board at CB in Round 2 and 3 and Howie ignored it for positions he values more based on analytics. I think that was a mistake.
  5. Maybe they are trying to drum up trade offers for him or maybe Howie has already determined who is starting before the coaches do. Wouldn't be surprising.
  6. Good job, man. But, tomorrow might be tough. The day after I got the 2nd one, I had to sleep like 18 hours. It was like being drunk with sleepiness. On Day 2 of the Draft, I was basically sleeping off and on during the whole draft. I got the Moderna. Hopefully, you don't have that.
  7. We barely have money to sign our draft picks and people think we are going to trade for Rodgers. Funny stuff.
  8. Howie is thinking about animal cruelty more than CB.
  9. Howie went with "rock" and Donoho didn't want to play and Howie said "you don't want to compete" and Donoho reluctantly went with "rock" and it ended in a tie.
  10. There's great value at the top of the 2nd. A lot of players the Eagles could use. But, CB would be preferred, true. I think the Eagles can stay at 37 and still get a player that could've gone earlier than that. So, they are in a good position.
  11. JOK or Samuel should be who we are looking at. Barmore is also still on the board.
  12. Dallas better hope that Smith doesn't light them up. Their fanbase loved it when we lost out on Lamb, but we didn't give them the actual draft pick to get Lamb.
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