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  1. He and Hargrave both save a TON of money with post June 1st designations next year. Just a matter of picking which one. One of them is going to have to go. At least, I'd think. Of course. Howie.
  2. I don't plug my site here ever, but if you can take some jokes, I actually just wrote about this. Read it, don't read it. Up to you. https://jetrolot.com/conference-talk/
  3. Haven't been by in a while. Logged in. Stayed. Like Van Wilder at class. I wonder what they'll do with Hurts. One thing they can do is stand on the "it was his first full season and we still have to evaluate" no matter how he does, not that I think he'll be horrible. Cornerback is loaded. That doesn't mean the Eagles will pick it, but from the film I've watched, I've already got four guys with 1st round grades and a fifth with a really early 2nd round grade in Josh Jobe that'll probably sneak his way in. Lots of edge rushers, but none with a 1st round grade for me. That said, it's summer scouting and I'm picky. I like the natural tools of Malik Willis from Liberty a lot. I think you have to break him down and build him back up to a certain extent. Has some poor habits. Some excellent linemen. I love Kenyon Green from A&M. I mean love the kid. They'll have a ton of guys that can fill positions of need, as you said. QB is always going to be where an NFL franchise looks though, I agree.
  4. @Outlaw Did you properly lubricate everyone before getting Darden and Cade that late? If not, please have them all file reports at the Crisis Center.
  5. Um, from what I just read you may not want to use the term "pound" around Deshaun. He's already air humping and leaving behind a mess. If he starts pounding ...
  6. Sewell is excellent. Slater is better now IMO. Sewell's upside is pretty nasty. I think the kid we have at LT has nasty upside. That doesn't eliminate Sewell if he slid, I just don't think he will. I'd certainly toss him in at LG. In fact, I think that's where he'd be best as a rookie. He stops moving his feet, using his hands and gets really sloppy technique in pass pro right now. Needs some time. He was only 19 playing.
  7. https://jetrolot.com/exploring-options-at-pick-12/ If you guys want to read this, feel free. No, I didn't forget Jaylen Waddle this time. 🤣 Gotta go. Busy as hell this morning. Ton of clips in it, so copy and paste will ruin it.
  8. Because the linemen are supposed to fall. I get yelled at for having them too low here, but everyone I talk to says they're going to fall like bricks. I'm not talking media. I'm talking the few people that are actually building boards. Was told this week neither OT would go in the Top 10. A few reported they heard it too and it was people who do have good connections. Not sure how much I totally believe it, but it may happen. If Slater is there when we pick, I'm drooling.
  9. They aren't taking Parsons. Was told he's off their board. I love Wu. I don't know that he would fit what Gannon likes to do. I try to think of Zimmer and what he liked. Anthony Barr, a 6'5, 255 pound SLB and Kendricks at MIKE. Wu isn't a MIKE. Now, Tommy Lawlor and I talked about Zaven Collins yesterday as I love him. Would they go for Collins as he's in the Anthony Barr mold? That would make me happy as hell. Again, I'm doing what I think they'll do though. Who is on my short list? Jaycee Horn, Zaven Collins, Kwity Paye, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah.
  10. Had to quick fix that. In future, one of you like say, @IFB DOG want to come on Twitter and tell me I'm an idiot and forgot to put Waddle in there? Doug Farrar from USA Today did this same crap last week and we were laughing at him.
  11. I can tell you this, from a guy who did forget to put a player in a mock draft, but oh well... From scouts on this team currently, to other teams, to former coaches here, to coaches on other teams ... I've heard the same things about Kyle Pitts. "He's the best receiver in this draft." "You never pass on a kid like that for anything but a franchise QB." "He's Megatron. He can do everything Calvin did." (I do not agree with that at all, but there's a reason that guy is in the league) "Make it to 6? He may not make it past 3." I mean, that's just quotes on Kyle Pitts. The NFL is in love with the kid.
  12. Absolutely. They've talked about liking Jonah Williams at LT. A lot of it has been about fit. Very similar to how the Eagles talked about Lane Johnson at RT. The offense is about getting rid of the ball quickly first and foremost. Give him another target. I can draft Sam Cosmi or Liam Eichenberg in the 2nd round. Hell, I can wait until the 3rd and maybe get D'Ante Smith. I can't get a player like Kyle Pitts anywhere else. They apparently don't NEED to have a LT.
  13. I had the Eagles picking Waddle at 6th overall. 😆 The trade came through and I did the mock fast. I wondered why the board broke really weird. Oh F me this has been out for a while. I'm going to literally go punch myself in the balls. I mean it. Literally. Balls. Now. I have to fix this. Oh my lord. My WR3 isn't in the f'ing first round.
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