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Hey International Eagles Fans

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On 4/23/2020 at 1:52 AM, frenchladyfan said:

i've been to the linc several times. i think i attended almost 15 games, which isn't bad, all things considered. unfortunately, a lot of losses. probably half. i've been blessed with great encounters. the atmosphere is unique, particularly if like me you had never attended such an event, in any sport, in such a venue, of your whole life.


nothing compares to the feeling of being together with other fans. in real life, here in france, i watch games by myself, which is quite sad. but i'm the wrong gender and age and geographical location to meet nfl fans, let alone eagles fans. thank goodness i can correspond with my son during games, even if he doesn't live at home anymore. we can still goof around and mock the team or get incensed from a distance !

Are you a French lady who is a fan, or a fan of French ladies? 😍


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