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Totally Fed Up with Doug's Issues with Simple Math


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He clarified his philosophy ronight:

"Our offense is pathetic and sucks. So we need to be pathetic and suck more aggressively." 
As in going for it on 4th down on your own 48 with plenty of time left, when pinning the Seahawks
deep would have probably shifted field position in your favor for the next possession.
And not taking the 3 points when it was the safest bet for your crappy O to stay in the game.

I'd fire him tonight and let Schwartz finish the season.
Just for the hell of it.


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Must have been those durn analytics that told him it was the right call. 

Its incredibly stupid to go for it when a fg there was pretty much a gimme or atleast higher percentage than whatever garbage play he would call...2 score game with a fg making it a one score game...this is simple math and doug doesn't get it...he has to actively be trying to get fired, right?

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