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Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson given no assurance he'll finish season

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Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson given no assurance he'll finish season

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    Tim McManusESPN Staff Writer

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson said he has received no assurances from the front office that he will keep his job for the remainder of the season, but is "not going there mentally" when it comes to his job security.

"Listen, I've been around this league a long time, 25 years I believe as a player and a coach, and we're always based on and evaluated on our performance," he said. "Right now, that's obviously not my concern as far as that decision goes. That's out of my hands. But what's in my hands and in my control is getting the team prepared and ready for Green Bay this weekend."


The Eagles are in the midst of a three-game slide that has dropped them to 3-7-1 on the season and into third place in the historically bad NFC East. Quarterback Carson Wentz has regressed dramatically in Year 5 and the offense has tied a season low in points with 17 in each of the last three weeks.

Pederson said that temporarily giving up playcalling is "on the table" -- the first time he's been open to the idea publicly -- but suggested a change there wasn't imminent.

With facilities across the NFL closed Tuesday, Pederson did his day-after news conference from his home office. In the background was a towering bookshelf lined with awards and memorabilia. Dominating the scene just off to his right was a replica of the Lombardi Trophy -- a not-so-subtle reminder of the unparalleled heights he helped lift this franchise to a short time ago.

It was with that backdrop that Pederson faced questions about his job security for the first time.

He has guided the Eagles to the playoffs in each of the last three seasons, starting with their Super Bowl run in 2017, but the offense has grown stagnant over the last two years. That has not gone unnoticed by owner Jeffrey Lurie, who skipped their Week 11 game at the Cleveland Browns in part out of frustration, sources told ESPN.

With the team reeling, there are some on the inside who believe that Pederson needs to lead Philadelphia to a division title in 2020 to keep his job.

"Our relationship is good. We communicate a lot throughout the week," Pederson said of Lurie. "We have our typical weekly meeting and cover a lot of ground.

"But that relationship is good. Listen, some of these questions might be for Mr. Lurie obviously, but my job is to prepare the team and get ready for Green Bay."

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If you listened to Doug’s presser yesterday, he didn’t really suggest giving up play calling could happen.  He said something along the lines that he has stated in the past that could be an option if he was "in a rut” but doesn’t feel like he is (ummmm hello Delusional Doug, your offense is near the bottom of the league and that is a result of more than just injuries and Wentz’s horrible play ... your play-calling sucks arse!  And I’d argue your play-calling isn’t helping Wentz or a makeshift OL assembled due to injuries).  He went on further to stumble around the subject and say, listen if I thought giving up play-calling for "a game, game and a half” (:rolleyes:) would help us be more successful I might consider it.  He is as stubborn as he is delusional ... he’ll never relinquish it.  

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1 hour ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

I don't know how he can think he's not in a rut. I mean just be honest with us Doug stop trying to deceive us or convince us otherwise. 

It’s either ignorance or arrogance.  Neither one is a good trait for a leader to have.  

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11 hours ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

 just be honest with us Doug

This is never going to happen. No player, coach, or exec is ever going to be honest with the media or the fans -- unless, perhaps, an entire organization falls apart. But even then it'll just be he-said he-said. 

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