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Streaming QBs thread


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My QBs stink. So I'm resigned to waivers each week to catch lightning in a bottle.

Last week I went with Daniel Jones vs. Bengals. So of course he exits early with a hamstring injury... I'm not brave enough to use Colt McCoy instead. So I'm picking against the Bengals D again by using my waiver pick on Fitzpatrick. That means the Dolphins will start Tua on Sunday instead. :lol:

Any other thoughts? Mayfield? Rivers? Trubisky?

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Tua's owner got ahead of me in the waiver order, so I lost out. He dropped Tua for Fitzmagic. Since he's not on my fantasy team, he's safe again to start one more week. :lol:

So...  Mayfield? Rivers? Trubisky? Wentz? Stafford?

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