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So How Much Better?


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On 3/26/2021 at 7:27 AM, nicks said:

Now that we signed Flacco, how much are we better than Dallas? Looking forward to Howie's next gaffe on Draft Day. Oh my, Easles have such a l..o..n..g way to go

Great post nicks.  I just hung a new birdhouse in my backyard with a really thick rope.  I'd like to find another place for it so I can replace it with your neck.  The birds are relentless too.  They'll peck your face until you have no skin.  The hummingbirds should be here soon too.  Once I see one, I'll dump a gallon of sugar water on your scalp and watch those little bastids poke you slowly while their little wings flap.  I'll hire a professional photographer to take pictures of their wings flapping 15 times per second, and sickos will love it, and I'll start a new business because of it.  Thanks nicks.   

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