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Always Looking


Roster building is a constant process. NFL teams are always looking to get better. This could mean adding a starter, but it could also be something as simple as improving the third stringers on the roster.

The Eagles signed QB Jamie Newman when he went undrafted. They hoped he could be a #3 QB worth developing. That plan didn’t work out, to put it mildly. Newman got cut recently, apparently showing the Eagles nothing. The team had to go find a new #3 QB.


This is actually a good move.

Mullens is the kind of developmental backup you want. He is 26 years old and has started 16 games over three seasons. He has enough natural talent to be an effective QB. Mullens isn’t someone you want as a long term starter, but he’s fine for a few games if needed.

Ideally, he is just a good practice player. And there is value in that. The backup skill players can benefit from having a quality #3 QB during Training Camp.

It might be fair to ask if Mullens is better than Joe Flacco, the #2 QB. Flacco clearly has the better arm, is bigger and more experienced. Mullens is more mobile and throws better on the run. I prefer backup QBs who can move around. If things break down, they can make plays with their legs. And things do tend to break down when backups are in the game. Still, Flacco had teams competing for his services. Mullens sat on the market for a while. That tells you the league prefers Flacco, whether that is right or wrong.

Mullens has flashed good potential.

Obviously things didn’t work out for him in SF. He couldn’t play well with any consistency. We’ll see if things turn out better in Philly. He certainly has to be an upgrade over Newman.

Mullens is old enough to have experience, but still young enough to learn and develop.

The team also signed a pass catcher. You might have heard of this guy.


We kind of new this was coming. The Eagles needed veteran help at TE. And Rodgers likes playing for the Eagles. Or maybe he is simply addicted to signing contracts with Howie Roseman. Either way, he’s back.

Rodgers is a solid receiver and adequate blocker. He’s 29 years old and coming off the second best season of his career (24-345-2). He’s nothing special, but can step right in and be a solid backup TE.

The Eagles have some young guys I’m sure they are hoping to develop. Tyree Jackson is a huge former QB who is trying to see if he can follow in the footsteps of Logan Thomas, the WFT player who went from college QB to starting NFL TE. Hakeem Butler is a former college WR who has moved to TE. There is also Caleb Wilson, Jason Croom and Jack Stoll.

TE is a position where you can develop players. We’ve seen guys go from different sports and different positions to become elite TEs. It is a unique position because you are a mixture of receiver and blocker. There is also the question of how to cover a TE. Do you want an athletic LB or a big DB?

I don’t know if any of the young players will develop, but this is the season to try and see what can be done. This is the year to experiment. And this looks like the right coaching staff. When Nick Sirianni was in San Diego, he got to work with Antonio Gates, who went from basketball player to Hall of Fame TE. Colts TE Mo Alie-Cox had a breakout season in 2020. He didn’t play college football, but was a basketball star at VCU. It took him several years to develop, but the Colts now have a big, athletic TE. Eagles TE coach Jason Michael held the same position with the Colts and had a big hand in the development of Alie-Cox.

None of the young TEs is ready now so you sign Rodgers to be the backup. We’ll see if any of the young guys can show enough to earn a roster spot and secure the #3 TE spot.


Still nothing at CB. What should we make of that?

There isn’t a great market right now. Richard Sherman is looking to sign with a contender. I don’t think he’d have interest in Philly and he’s much older than what they should be looking for. Stephon Gilmore is letting the Pats know he’s not happy about his contract. We’ll have to see what happens there.

Steven Nelson remains unsigned. He seems to want more money than what teams think he’s worth. You wonder if there are any other issues. Rarely does a solid CB who is 28 years old sit on the market this long. Weird.

The team knows CB is a weakness. I’m sure they would love to upgrade, but they are trying to make the right move rather than just making a move.


No real updates on Zach Ertz.


That doesn’t tell us a whole lot. The Bills know TE is a weak spot. They are trying to decide what to do about it. Let’s hope something can be worked out.


Les at his snarky best.



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