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Week 8: Giants @ Chiefs


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On 11/1/2021 at 7:38 PM, wrestlevessel said:

Reid is incompetent. 14 points against the Giants with Mahomes. Really?

Does that look familiar to you? Reid was like that more often than we'd like when he was head coach of Eagles. There was always a game they lost they had no business losing and winning a game they shouldn't. Like game @ Washington in 2008. Instead of beating them like they were supposed to, they lost 10-3 and needed Raiders to beat Buccaneers and Texans to beat Bears for Eagles to have a chance at Playoffs. When Reid's Chiefs Played against a winless Raiders team, I actually picked Raiders to win because I know how Reid is. Reid's lucky he has a top 5 QB that his blunders don't cost Chiefs as much as it did with Eagles.

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