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Eagles teaching points for ‘frustrated’ Hurts after ugly loss


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Eagles teaching points for ‘frustrated’ Hurts after ugly loss


Sunday didn’t go well for Jalen Hurts.

And he knows it.

"He's frustrated, just like we're all frustrated,” Eagles offensive coordinator Steichen said on Tuesday. "Any time you lose and you turn the ball over like we did, right, it's going to be frustrating.

"But we've got to get those things corrected and move on. That's all we can do right now, right? The thing is get them corrected and move on and get on to the Jets. That's it.”

Hurts, 23, had the worst start of his young career against the Giants at MetLife Stadium a few days ago.

He completed just 14 of 31 passes for 129 yards and threw three touchdowns. His passer rating of 17.5 was the lowest in his career and the lowest for an Eagles QB in a game with at least 30 attempts since Ron Jaworski in 1981.

It was all-around bad.

As he moves on from that loss, Hurts will undoubtedly be eager to get back on the field this weekend if he can. Though an ankle injury has his status up in the air.

So what are the teaching points for Hurts this week?

"There's a few things,” Steichen said.

Yup, that checks out.

"Obviously at the end of the half, you've got to throw that ball away, and he knows that,” Steichen said. "Going forward, we can't make that decision there at the end, and we've got to throw that thing away, and you learn from those.

"Obviously, again, with a young player, you make some mistakes. You've got to learn from those things. Not everything is going to be perfect. Not every call is going to be perfect. You've got to learn from those things.”

That’s the easiest coaching point of the bunch and it’s one the Eagles’ coaches shouldn’t even have to stress too much. Hurts better know he shouldn’t force that ball into a tight window with the first half winding down. That mistake took points off the board.

When asked about the last offensive play of the game, when it looked like DeVonta Smith was open, it didn’t seem like Steichen expected Hurts to make that throw, saying it would "have been a heck of a football throw if he made it.” Still, it’s a throw that an NFL quarterback ought to be able to make.

Aside from that last play, three interceptions is going to make it tough to win any game. Hurts needs to make better decisions than the ones he made on Sunday.

"With anything, he's been playing really good football,” Steichen said. "Obviously, last week wasn't his best, and he knows that. We've got to do a better job as coaches helping him there. We get those corrections made yesterday, and then we go from there and get it corrected this week going forward.”


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