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A closer look at Avonte Maddox’s extension with Eagles


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A closer look at Avonte Maddox’s extension with Eagles


Late last month, Eagles nickel cornerback Avonte Maddox signed a three-year extension to stay in Philly through the 2024 season.

Now we have all the details.

Maddox’s three-year extension is worth $22.5 million with $14.2 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of just over $5 million, according to a league source.

As has been standard with most of their contracts in recent years, this extension is backloaded and uses voidable dummy years to spread out the salary cap hit over several seasons.

In fact, this deal has three seasons that automatically void on the end of the deal and also uses a signing bonus and two option bonuses to pay Maddox in a way that limits the cap hit, especially in the first two seasons.

Here’s a look at the contract by season:

2022: $1.035 million base salary — $2,540,266 cap hit

2023: $1.08 million base salary — $4,289,266 cap hit

2024: $6.85 million base salary — $10,059,266

2025: $5,160,269 million in dead money

The Eagles used a signing bonus of $5,061,333 an option bonus of $2,465,000 in 2022 and an option bonus of $5,270,000 in 2023 to spread out the cap hits on this deal, which eventually leaves over $5 million in dead money after the contract is finished in 2025.

Of course, the Eagles have the option of restructuring this deal at a later date. That’s something they’re never shy to do.

In addition to base salary, signing bonus and option bonus money, Maddox also has $500K in per-game roster bonus money in 2023 and 2024 and workout bonuses of $150K in 2023 and 2024. There are also escalators on this contract.

In total, it ends up being a nice pay day for Maddox, who has been one of the Eagles’ best players on that side of the ball this season. It makes Maddox the 27th-highest paid corner in the league, but nickel prices have always lagged. It seems like a solid deal for both sides.


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Maddox has played really really well this year. He's the long term slot if he can stay healthy and he's a really good one at that. 

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