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3 Keys to an Eagles Win on Sunday


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3 Keys to an Eagles Win on Sunday


The Eagles are now set to take on the Buccaneers on Sunday at 1:00pm. The Bucs aren’t in the best shape at the moment with the Antonio Brown extravaganza and the injuries that they have faced. The Bucs will be going into the game without players like Levonte David and Chris Godwin. The Bucs also nearly lost to the Jets 2 weeks ago in the game that they lost Antonio Brown. Even so, the Bucs have the one thing that every team in the NFL should fear, playoff Tom Brady. 

Putting Pressure on Brady

The Eagles of course have a history with Tom Brady in the playoffs, they have played against him twice in the Super Bowl and are 1-1. Most recently the Eagles beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in Super Bowl 52. Brady has admitted that this game in particular has stuck with him ever since the loss. In order to beat Brady once again, the Eagles defense has to put pressure on him. Brady is the least sacked quarterback in the league and also one of the most immoble. If the Eagles defensive line can get to Brady, it is not likely that escapes a sack. This will also force Brady to make quick throws throughout the entire game preventing any big time plays. Every Eagles fan should remember the infamous strip sack by Brandon Graham that left Brady sitting on the field. Hopefully the Eagles can recreate that moment on Sunday. 

Running the Ball

The Eagles obviously have the #1 rushing offense in the NFL, and perhaps their best of all time. Since week 8 against the Lions, the Eagles have ran all over opposing defenses. If the Eagles can continue to run the ball this efficiently, it would be very hard for the Bucs to stop our offense. Taking the weight off of Jalen’s shoulders passing wise should prevent him from having any worse of a game than he did earlier in the season. Since going down with the ankle injury Jalen Hurts hasn’t been running as much or at least in the same way that he was before he got injured. However, in his last game of the season he looked like he was moving much more smoothly including a juke on Washington’s defender. If he can move like he was able to before the injury in the playoffs, he should be able to lead this offense to success. On top of everything else, Miles Sanders should be coming back this week after suffering a fractured hand a few weeks ago. The Eagles may have also discovered a hidden gem in Jason Huntley last week against the Cowboys. Kenneth Gainwell also played very well and showed the depth that the Eagles have at the RB position. 

Holding Rob Gronkowski’s Success to a Minimum

Perhaps the biggest thing that the Eagles will have to worry about is Rob Gronkowski. With Chris Godwin out and Antonio Brown gone, the main receiver the Eagles will have to worry about is Mike Evans. Darius Slay has been phenomenal this year so with him covering Mike Evans, he shouldn’t be too much of a threat. That being said, with our LB core being so weak, there isn’t anybody that can cover Gronkowski. Sure we could put Maddox on Gronk but he is still at a huge disadvantage. I can imagine that this has been talked about a lot amongst the Eagles coaches and defense. If they were able to find a way to keep Gronk in check, then it is very possible that the Eagles win this game. Without too serious of a run threat, if the receivers are covered well, than there isn’t much that the Buccaneers will be able to do offensively.


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For me I think the 3 keys are:

1. Getting pressure on Brady

2. Winning the turnover battle

3. Making plays through the air. 

The run game is going to be vital of course but the key is whether they can make enough big plays in the pass game. 

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