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Salary cap ramifications of Brooks’ retirement


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Salary cap ramifications of Brooks’ retirement



Eagles three-time Pro Bowler Brandon Brooks announced his retirement on Wednesday morning.

But the Eagles were already prepared.

The Eagles last week restructured Brooks’ contract, limiting his salary cap hit in 2022, a league source confirmed to NBC Sports Philadelphia. That was a clear sign both sides were moving on. This will end up being a cap savings of just under $12 million for now and the Eagles drop his non-guaranteed base salary of just over $1 million after June 1.

In the restructure, the Eagles reduced Brooks’ base salary from $13.4 million in 2022 to $1.12 million.

Brooks, 32, will file his retirement paperwork after June 1. The Eagles will carry his current cap hit through that date before shedding his base salary.

Initial cap hit: $19,439,235

Current cap hit: $7,059,235

This will leave some dead money for the Eagles as they move on from Brooks:

2022: $5,939,235

2023: $9,797,237

Basically this is a way for the Eagles to limit Brooks’ cap hit in 2022 and to spread out the remaining dead money on his contract between this season and next.

As it stands, the Eagles will have around $24 million in salary cap space when free agency begins in March.

Brooks signed a four-year, $56 million contract extension in November of 2019. At the time, it appeared to be a good signing for the Eagles, locking up one of the best guards in the NFL. But since then, Brooks has struggled to stay healthy, playing just two games in the last two years.

In 2020, Brooks missed the entire season after tearing his Achilles. In 2021, he played the first two games but tore his pec against the 49ers in Week 2. He was initially expected to return but never did.


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Overall, a fair reduction. With their annual salary roll over, that 9.7MM hit for 2023 will be easily dealt with. 

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BB was a great signing back in 2019.  BB was 29 at the time and one of the best guards in the league.  He just can't stay healthy anymore.  It's a shame.  32 is very young, especially for an offensive lineman.  

$24m is a pretty decent amount of space under the salary cap.  It's not enough to make a big FA splash, but it's enough to take care of our own players and sign our draft picks.


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