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Brown marvels at playoff-like atmosphere at the Linc


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Brown marvels at playoff-like atmosphere at the Linc



Maybe it was because Joel Embiid, LeSean McCoy and Jill Biden were roaming the sideline. Or maybe it was because Meek Mill performed on the same sideline just before kickoff. Or maybe the buzz walked across the street from Citizens Bank Park earlier in the weekend.

Or maybe it was because this was an undefeated Eagles team hosting the hated Dallas Cowboys in a nationally televised game.

Whatever the reasons or combination of reasons, the Linc was absolutely electric on Sunday night. The Eagles fed off it.

"How was that atmosphere? That was like the best atmosphere I played in. That was a regular season game,” A.J. Brown said in disbelief. "When Meek came out performing, I’m talking to Smitty (DeVonta Smith) and Quez (Watkins), I’m like, man, this is a regular season game. It feels like the playoffs or something. That was big. That gave us so much momentum. Meek Mill is some of our favorite rappers.

"Look, Philly is lit. That’s all I’m gonna say. Philly is lit. I’m enjoying being here, man.”

Sunday was Brown’s third home game as a member of the Eagles but things felt different in this game. The buzz was palpable.

The Eagles jumped out to an early lead and held on for a 26-17 win over the hated Cowboys. It was as loud and as amped up as Lincoln Financial Field had been in quite some time.

Sunday night was a way to cap off one heck of a Philly sports weekend.

"It's pretty cool when you're able to play in front of a national audience in Philadelphia,” head coach Nick Sirianni said. "Great job, fans. It was rocking in there. It was rocking from play No. 1, and that sets the stage, that sets the tone. It just carried over all week from Game 3, Game 4 in Philadelphia, with the Phillies, the Flyers getting two big wins this week, and into the game. So appreciative of our fans.”

Miles Sanders knew it was going to be a crazy when he arrived at the Linc and got stuck in traffic. He was almost late, but didn’t seem to mind.

Although Sanders does have one request.

"Y’all gotta tone it down a little bit when we on offense,” Sanders said with a smile. "I know y’all be excited. But I love the atmosphere though. That’s exactly what I expected for today.”

Sanders said he enjoys watching his newer teammates experience that kind of atmosphere in Philadelphia.

But one guy who has been around for a long time was still pretty impressed. Jason Kelce has played in a ton of loud home games before and this one was right up there with them.

"I don’t know if it’s from the Phillies game or the Dallas rivalry but we knew we were coming into a pretty awesome atmosphere and Philly did not disappoint,” he said. "That’s for damn sure.”

The Phillies are heading to the NLCS. The Flyers are surprisingly undefeated after two games. The Sixers are about to start a season with championship hopes. The Union are gearing up for their playoff run.

And the Eagles are the only undefeated team in the NFL.

"We up,” Darius Slay said. "Philly is up right now.”


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