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Jalen Hurts on Eagles starting 8-0 for first time in franchise history: 'We haven't accomplished anything yet'


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Jalen Hurts on Eagles starting 8-0 for first time in franchise history: 'We haven't accomplished anything yet'

Hurts sized up his team's perfect start, as well as his first time playing in his hometown in the pros or college

Shanna McCarriston


The Philadelphia Eagles are 8-0. They are the only undefeated team in the league and are shocking everyone with such a hot start. Most people are impressed with their first half of the season performance, but Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts knows there is a lot more the team needs to do before they start celebrating.

"I know it's special for the city of Philadelphia," Hurts said after the game, via NFL.com. "I mean, I've been 8-0 before and lost the national championship. Just take it day by day. Take it day by day. We haven't accomplished anything yet. It's a day-by-day thing of us controlling things we can, playing to our standard and trying to grow every day. I think that's truly what it's about."

Hurts has the right mindset. Starting 8-0 far from guarantees postseason success. The last 10 teams to start 8-0 did not win the Super Bowl. The last team to be crowned champions that started with eight wins are the 2009 New Orleans Saints, who started 13-0. 

The Eagles struggled at times on Thursday Night Football against the Houston Texans, who are now 1-6-1 with the 29-17 loss, but good teams and good quarterbacks always find a way to win even in when they aren't at their best.

Eagles running back Miles Sanders called Hurts "cool, steady, calm and collective," adding, "that's how he always is." That is certainly what fans saw when the Eagles needed big plays to get ahead. 

Hurts went 21 of 27 for 243 yards and two touchdowns in the win. Hurts returned to his home city for the matchup and Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni wanted to make sure the location of the game wasn't an issue for the young QB.

"The one thing I said to him before the game is that don't let this be a distraction," the head coach said. "You're the last person I worry about this, but don't let this be a distraction to you. He had the same look on his face as if it didn't matter. That's just who he is and that's how he goes about his business."

The 24-year-old discussed how special it was to be back in a place that meant so much to him growing up, mentioning how many memories they have in the Texans' stadium.

"Anytime I get to come back to the city of Houston it's special," Hurts said. "This is the first time I ever played back home at the professional level, collegiate level ... Of all things it's a great team win. There's rarity in me reflecting on things and not having emotion towards it, but I'm proud that my family got to see that today. I'm proud my dad got to see that, and I know that's special to him, because my family knows the memories we've had with the Houston Texans. Just being around and involved in the camps and Andre Johnson and him giving me his cleats as a kid. Those are the memories that I truly value to come home and get a win in this city it's special."

Hurts said his favorite memory of the night was being able to win, but continued to emphasize that the end goal is still ahead.

"There's a lot to be grateful about," he said. "There's a lot to reflect on and look at the things that we did well. There's also a lot of things that we can improve on. I'm not gonna make excuses about anything or the short week. We have a standard of play, we want to play to that at all times. It's a learning experience for us. It's a formative experience, that'll only build us up. I truly think the only direction is to rise. Personally, playing in the city of Houston, being the first time playing back home, that's a special moment for me personally. I think the job is still not done."

With the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggling this season, getting through Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady in the playoffs seems like an easier possibility than in years past. The team definitely has what it takes to make it to the Super Bowl, but right now Hurts wants to focus on the next game up and the challenge ahead of him.

The Eagles look to make it 9-0 against the Washington Commanders on Monday Night Football on Nov. 14.



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This kid just grinds and works and wants to be better. He wants to be better for his team and he wants his team mates to be better. And if they keep working and they keep that focus then they can absolutely go all the way. That's so so exciting and you know this team is going to work to achieve exactly that. 

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