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Eagles training camp: Rashaad Penny banking on this strategy by Philly's training staff to keep him healthy


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Eagles training camp: Rashaad Penny banking on this strategy by Philly's training staff to keep him healthy

Penny is shedding weight in hopes of playing in all 17 games

Jeff Kerr
By Jeff Kerr
Aug 4, 2023 at 4:09 pm 

Getty Images

PHILADELPHIA -- When Rashaad Penny is on the field, he's one of the best running backs in the NFL. Again, that's when he's on the field. 

Penny has been one of the most productive running backs in the NFL over the last two seasons. He has led the NFL in yards per carry among running backs with 150 carries (6.2) -- the only players higher are quarterbacks Justin Fields and Lamar Jackson. Over his last 10 games, Penny has 149 carries for 1,017 yards and eight touchdowns, averaging 6.8 yards per carry. 

Penny has only played 15 games during this stretch, limiting his ability to show he can he one of the elite backs in the league. This is why he's only on a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles worth $1.35 million -- only $500,000 guaranteed. 

If Penny is able to stay on the field, this contract might be the best bargain in the NFL. Penny may have found the formula where he plays all 17 games, proving the Eagles know how to find a good bargain. 

"It come down to playing at a lighter weight," Penny said earlier this week after practice. "I don't know if that was a big factor in my career early on, but hopefully it changes this year.

"So I'm excited. I know these guys care so much about (what) I'm playing at and how I look. I'm really praying and hoping that makes a difference and I know it will."

Penny admitted he played at around 237 pounds with the Seattle Seahawks, but has gotten down to 230 with the Eagles. He's trying to get down to 225, the weight he was as a first-round pick five years ago. 

"I just feel lighter. He knees feel great and my ankles feel amazing," Penny said. "I think I could play 20 more years here (laughing) just because of how good they take care of you and just what they do on the off days. And how they structure the days just to prepare for the next day. 

"I think every day I've been fresh since camp started. I know it started a week ago, but every day I felt better and better. I really give credit to these guys. They're really an A-plus organization the way they take care of guys."

The Eagles have been rotating their backs throughout training camp, as all of them have been getting first team snaps. Nick Sirianni has been true to his word on that, but Penny is going to be the back that makes this ground game go.

If he can stay on the field. 

If the Eagles get the version of Penny of the last 10 games for a full season, their rushing game will be even better than the record-setting group from last year (39, including postseason). The training staff is banking on a lighter version of Penny will keep him on the field for te majority of the year -- and allow him to see a second contract in Philadelphia. 


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If this medical team can get him healthy and keep him healthy then that’s a hell of a turnaround for him and for this team! A couple of years ago we had an awful injury record but things are really turning around under Sirianni and his team.

Penny could be a huge addition if he is able to stay healthy because he brings that physicality that none of our other RBs bring.

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I see Penny being used much in the same way that Jordan Howard was used - primarily in the second half when, more often than not, the Eagles had the lead.  Keep his touches down and keep him fresh so that he is available when he is most needed.

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