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  1. Eagles Top Rookie Waiting to Clear Major Hurdle Prior to Camp By Mike Greger Updated Jun 27, 2022 at 11:46am Getty Nebraska center Cameron Jurgens went No. 51 overall to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2022 NFL draft. The Philadelphia Eagles believe they drafted Jason Kelce’s eventual successor at center. The team took Nebraska standout Cam Jurgens in the second round of the 2022 NFL draft. However, Jurgens remains curiously unsigned. The Eagles reached contract terms with four of their five rookies this summer, including a whopping $17 million deal for first-round pick Jordan Davis. They also locked up Nakobe Dean, Kyron Johnson, and Grant Calcaterra. Yet details on a rookie contract for Jurgens have been scant. Not to worry. Philadelphia is most likely trying to maintain cap flexibility heading into training camp. The going rate for a second-rounder is in the $7.5 million range for a four-year rookie contract. Jurgens showed up for voluntary minicamps in May – remember that image of him and Kelce hitting the sled? – and there is no indication that he’ll sit out training camp. The Eagles followed a similar blueprint in 2021, waiting until July 26 to sign then-rookie Landon Dickerson. Jurgens will get his deal in due time. He’s a big part of their future plans along the NFL’s most dominant offensive line. Lane Johnson Ready for Some Beef Jerky Lane Johnson recently appeared on The Rich Eisen Show where he talked about getting to know Jurgens. The All-Pro right tackle had no idea that his new teammate has his own brand of beef jerky called "Beef Jurgy” but he expects Jurgens to "sponsor the room” with his tasty meat. "I haven’t got a chance to but I figure training camp will be a good opportunity for all of us to get some of that [beef jerky],” Johnson said. "You’re informing me about it. I had no clue.” Johnson also talked about the expectations for the athletic prospect who ran the 40-yard dash in 4.92 seconds. "I’ve gotten to watch him move around so I think what Philadelphia has had with Kelce, one of the best centers of maybe all-time, as far as athleticism – and I think what they’re trying to do is have somebody who can fit that mold, can make all the checks at the line. "Center is a very cerebral position, it’s much like the linebacker, middle linebacker for the defense, making all the calls. He might be a little longer than Kelce – they look at arm length- but very similar makeup as far as athleticism and explosion.” Jurgens Watched Kelce’s Tape Growing Up Kelce hand-picked his heir after scouting several centers heading into the 2022 NFL draft. Jurgens’ athleticism jumped off the tape and he lobbied the front office to take the 303-pounder. Those two have a natural bond going on, with Jurgens admitting that he watched a lot of Kelce’s tape growing up. "That’s awesome,” Jurgens said when told Kelce was high on his potential. "I watched a lot of his tape and seeing a guy that’s able to move like he is and play as hard and with as much intensity as he does, that’s how I want to play and that’s how I want to model my game and be an athlete on the field. Just because you’re an O-lineman doesn’t mean you can’t run down field and knock a safety out. I want to do stuff like he does and be able to fit into their system as well as I can. I’m stoked to be able to be in there.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/cam-jurgens-unsigned/
  2. Potential Contract Details Revealed for Eagles QB Jalen Hurts By Mike Greger Updated Jun 28, 2022 at 4:23pm Getty Jalen Hurts commands the Eagles' huddle during Philly's 31-15 loss in the wild-card round of the playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles have a big decision to make on Jalen Hurts in 2023. He’ll be entering his fourth year and eligible for a new contract. Will the team extend him? If so, how much is Hurts worth? The dual-threat quarterback’s future will likely come down to how well he plays this season. Hurts must show he can win games with his arm and improve as a pocket passer. More importantly, he has to be the reason the Eagles get back to the postseason. And advance beyond the wild-card round. Adam Caplan of Inside the Birds recently detailed what an extension might look like for Hurts. His best comparison was something in line with what Derek Carr signed in Las Vegas. That deal – three years and $121.5 million – was essentially structured as a one-year, $25 million deal. "I don’t care how well Hurts plays, over $40 million a year just isn’t going to happen,” Caplan said. "What you can do is load up one year. If you look at Carr’s deal, he got a $7.5 million signing bonus and his base salary is $17.4 million, so he’ll make $25 million in Year 1. Now what the Raiders did, what his agent did was smart. "The base salary is ridiculous, $32.9 million, he’s not going to get that if he doesn’t play well. But what the agent did that was really smart: Carr’s base salary becomes fully guaranteed, $32.9 million, on the third day of the waiver period which is the third day after the Super Bowl.” The Eagles could sign Hurts to a similar contract and get something inked in January. They’ll have two full seasons of tape on him, plus (hopefully) back-to-back playoff appearances. According to Caplan, the Eagles want to see Hurts "play well.” A breakout season – maybe 30 passing touchdowns? – gets it done. "If Hurts lights it up this season, you [already] love the kid, you love the character and the upbringing and all that,” Caplan said. "He’s got the intangibles, but he’s got to play well. He didn’t play well enough last year. If he plays really well, he’s getting his contract extended. There’s no question about it.” Hurts Not Getting $50 Million, No Way Some have oddly speculated that Hurts might get a "massive contract” worth up to $40 million next offseason. Don’t bank on it. The Eagles want to be wowed by him in 2022, according to Caplan, and own all the leverage in contract negotiations. "I just have a feeling if they do make the playoffs, it won’t be just because he’s their quarterback,” Caplan said. "It will be because he played well. That would be a big part of it.” So, how much should Hurts expect to get from Philly? It won’t be anywhere near the $50 million per year that Aaron Rodgers received. "No matter how well he plays, he’s not going to get $50 million a year,” Caplan said. Or the $45 million per year that Patrick Mahomes got. Or the $43 million per year that Josh Allen received. And it won’t approach Dak Prescott’s $40 million per year. "Dak Prescott was good immediately,” Caplan said. "When he took over for Tony Romo – Tony Romo never got the job back – because he was so good when Romo broke his collarbone. Prescott was good from the very start.” Gardner Minshew Making More Money Gardner Minshew will earn $2.54 million in base salary for 2022, compared to $1.08 million for Hurts. That’s right. The backup quarterback is making more money than the starter. Hurts might be the best value in all of football. Which is all the more reason why the Eagles are in no hurry to hand him a massive extension. He’s under team control until 2024 when his four-year rookie deal expires. https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/potential-contract-details-revealed-for-eagles-qb-jalen-hurts/
  3. Eagles Sound Off on Jalen Reagor: ‘That Was Our Discussion’ By Mike Greger Updated Jun 13, 2022 at 11:33am Getty Eagles receivers DeVonta Smith and Jalen Reagor walk off the field in disgust after losing in the 2021 NFL playoffs. Philadelphia Eagles receiver Jalen Reagor was absent during the two days that OTA practices were open to the media. Reagor was taking some personal time off following the tragic death of Jeff Gladney, his college roommate and "right hand man.” He was a pallbearer at Gladney’s funeral on June 4. Context is important when discussing Reagor. It’s justifiable to bash him for underwhelming statistics on the field; however, it isn’t fair to kick Reagor when he’s hurting — physically, mentally, whatever the case. Head coach Nick Sirianni was very forthcoming when asked why Reagor was missing during the final day of OTAs on June 8. He has no issues with the third-year receiver. "He had great attendance through this, and just so happened the times that you guys were here he wasn’t,” Sirianni said. "But he had great attendance through this and was really into it, and there’s no denying that Jalen has talent. He just has to continue to try to be consistent. That was our discussion.” Sirianni’s comments hearkened back to Howie Roseman saying Reagor needed to take "another step.” The Eagles are fine with Reagor taking a break to grieve and mourn his friend. The organization has a sterling reputation for supporting its players and providing them with the resources they need off the field (see: Lane Johnson). But the team is counting on Reagor to report to training camp on July 26 ready to work. Sirianni has already talked to Reagor about what he needs to improve on. "We have a discussion with every player at the end of the year of what we need to do better, what we did well,” Sirianni said. "Jalen, one of the things that we talked about was well, okay, you’re not at TCU where you get 11 balls thrown to you a game. You might get three or you might get two; take advantage of the ones that you get and just be consistent with it. And that’s what we’re working on right now, because there’s no doubt that he has talent, and we are excited to work with him again.” Howie Roseman: ‘No Secret About That’ General manager Howie Roseman was in the room for some of the conversations between Reagor and Sirianni. He was the one who green-lighted the Reagor pick — a controversial move that allowed Justin Jefferson to go to Minnesota one pick later — and the Eagles aren’t going to give up on the burner from Texas Christian that easy. "We talked about it at the end of the season; we need Jalen [Reagor] to take another step,” Roseman said on March 2. "We need Jalen to do some of the things we drafted him to do. He knows that. There’s no secret about that. We’ve told him the same things.” Roseman brought Reagor up again, unprompted, on April 20 when asked to evaluate previous drafts. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is another early-round pick that hasn’t panned out. "I would say with Jalen [Reagor], obviously I know he gets a lot of attention in this city and I know he’s working his butt off,” Roseman said. "And when you look back — we were having this conversation this morning with our strength and conditioning staff — that was a hard year for some guys because you had COVID, you didn’t have an off-season program, and so sometimes the book isn’t necessarily written on all those guys.” Offensive Coordinator Sees ‘Explosive’ Player Offensive coordinator Shane Steichen is another guy keeping the faith in Reagor. His voice might be the most important one considering he’s the one calling the plays. While Reagor’s role remains unknown heading into the 2022 campaign, it sounds like the Eagles want to utilize his speed in some capacity. "He’s explosive. That’s one of his biggest assets. He’s an explosive player,” Steichen said on June 3. "He still has that ability to run routes and be fast and strong and physical, and again, we’re just continuing to improve on those things every single day.” Reagor could morph into an option at slot receiver with Quez Watkins lining up more on the outside. It worked for Nelson Agholor in 2017 after some lean years to start his career. The Eagles aren’t giving up on the 21st overall pick from the 2020 draft. https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/jalen-reagor-discussion/
  4. Eagles’ Jalen Hurts Stunningly Compared to All-Pro QB: ‘It Just Happens’ By Mike Greger Updated Jun 13, 2022 at 10:37am Getty Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Franchise quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. Everybody knows that. They need time to mature, time for the roots to take shape underneath the ground. Jalen Hurts is in the germination stage of his journey. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is entering his third NFL season, his second as a full-time starter. Hurts’ numbers have steadily risen since taking the reins. More importantly, they look very similar to what Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen did in 2018 and 2019. Allen took the leap into elite status in Year 3, a random fact not lost on Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. "It’s very, very difficult to project what you call or what we might call franchise quarterback,” Lurie told reporters on March 29. "It happens. It just happens. After Year 1 or Year 2 was Josh Allen a franchise quarterback? Was he even thought to be a franchise quarterback when Buffalo drafted him? "I think the answers are very clearly no, no and no. He developed into one, so now we have a young, 23-year-old, playoff quarterback who gets better every year in college, and in the pros, he’s had really one full year.” Lurie continued: "No one knows where that’s going to end up. But I think what you do know is you have a guy that is incredibly dedicated. Excellent leader of men — players around him gravitate to him. He will do anything and everything to get better and work on every weakness he has and try to maximize every strength he has. That’s why we’re committed to Jalen at age 23. Who knows what the future holds, right? So that’s where it goes.” Hurts Getting ‘More Comfortable’ in Eagles’ Offense Head coach Nick Sirianni challenged Hurts to work on his fundamentals in the offseason. He did. He showed up to OTAs looking more comfortable in the pocket and throwing a crisper ball. Hurts has also benefited from working with the same offensive coaching staff for a second straight season. That has happened to him since high school. "Jalen is, in my opinion, more comfortable in the offense, right. That’s just the part of the process the second year,” Sirianni said. "He knows where the receivers are going to be versus different looks. He knows where to go with the football a little bit quicker.” The next stage in Hurts’ growth is getting reps. He needs to build chemistry with his revamped receiving corps, highlighted by the additions of A.J. Brown and Zach Pascal. "We’ve done our job as coaches,” Sirianni said, "and I don’t want to say we’ve done a good job, but what we’ve done as coaches is figured out what he likes and what he’s good at and all these different things. It’s just accumulating those reps.” Public Practices Tickets on Sale: August 7 The Eagles will hold an open training camp practice for the general public on August 7 at Lincoln Financial Field. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds benefit the Eagles Autism Foundation. There is also a $25 VIP option that allows fans a special on-field experience. https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/jalen-hurts-josh-allen/
  5. Eagles Rookie Records Blistering Time After Bonding with Jalen Hurts By Mike Greger Updated Jun 19, 2022 at 1:32pm Getty Devon Allen was a deep threat at Oregon in 2014 where he caught 41 passes for 684 yards and 7 touchdowns. Rookie receiver Devon Allen hasn’t even put on his Philadelphia Eagles’ uniform, yet the expectations for the blazing fast track star continue to build. The two-time Olympian posted another blistering number in the 110-meter hurdles, running it in 13.16 seconds at a Diamond League event in Paris, France on June 18. The victory marked Allen’s third win in the event since June 12. The 27-year-old took first place in 13.22 seconds at a Diamond League event in Oslo, Norway on June 16, right after torching the field in 12.84 seconds at the New York Grand Prix on June 12. The latter was the third-fastest time in the history of the 110-meter hurdles. Allen has a few more races slotted on his calendar this summer, highlighted by the World Athletics Championships which run from July 15-July 24 in Eugene, Oregon. That race will be a homecoming for Allen who spent four years at the University of Oregon where he ran track and played football for the Ducks. That was the last time Allen stepped foot on the gridiron. He hasn’t played organized football since 2016. Eagles Wowed by Allen’s Speed, Show Support at Penn Relays Allen worked his way onto scouts’ radars after posting an unofficial time of 4.35 seconds in the 40-yard dash at his Oregon Pro Day. According to Oregon Live, Allen also had a 34.5-inch vertical jump and ran the three-cone drill in 7.23 seconds and 20-yard shuttle in 4.55 seconds. It’s good to get a fast time on paper,” Allen said, via James Crepea. "That’s why I ran it; I probably didn’t have to run it, but I wanted to do all the drills.” Many NFL general managers saw Allen’s numbers and started drooling, including Howie Roseman. He immediately picked up the phone and inked the Olympian to a three-year rookie contract. "Obviously with Devon you see just flat-out speed,” Roseman said on April 30. Allen has been flashing that speed all summer, starting with his electrifying finish in the 110-meter hurdles at the Penn Relays. He ran that in 13.11 seconds, with new teammate Darius Slay sitting in the stands. "He is a phenomenal teammate, and he was right there with him watching him win the 110 hurdles today,” Roseman said of Slay. "What did he run, a 13.1, 13.11? Yeah, that’s amazing. [Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan] Gannon ran something like a 14.25 in high school. You guys will have to look that up, but obviously that’s nowhere near what Devon is running.” Allen Enjoys Crawfish Boil with Jalen Hurts Jalen Hurts continues to bond and build relationships with all his teammates, especially the new ones. Allen revealed that Hurts had him over his house for a crawfish boil. That’s right, the starting quarterback is treating every player on the roster the same. His No. 1 receiver is just as important as No. 8. "He’s a great leader,” Allen said, via John Clark. "I think something that’s important is to try to build a relationship and rapport with all of your teammates. The first week I was there he invited me over for dinner. We had a crawfish boil. So that was pretty cool.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/devon-allen-hurdles/
  6. Eagles New Assistant GM Breaks His Silence on ‘Unscripted’ By Mike Greger Updated Jun 15, 2022 at 5:48pm Getty Eagles GM Howie Roseman chats with head coach Nick Sirianni prior to a game in 2021. The Philadelphia Eagles released Episode 1 of their new behind-the-scenes video series titled "Unscripted: Inside the 2022 Eagles Season.” It starts by detailing Brandon Graham’s rehab from a torn Achilles, then dives into team’s experience at the NFL Scouting Combine. The whole episode is insightful and worth the 27-minute run time. The best part – aside from Jason Kelce singing the National Anthem at a Sixers game – focuses on new assistant general manager Alec Halaby, a title he shares with Jon Ferrari after a front office restructuring was announced on June 3. The analytics guru from Harvard has never addressed the media, so it was telling to hear him describe his information-gathering process on prospective draft picks. "So, I would say the Combine is really invaluable as a source of information, right? And I mean information in the broadest terms,” Halaby said. "Like, when we sit down with a player for formal interviews and we’re talking about what it was like to grow up, we’re talking about what their coaches told them, and they’re taking us through a blitz that they ran on third down in the national title game … that’s information we’re learning about the player there. It’s really unstructured. People have subjective interpretations of it. Then we get some really hard data for what happens on the field.” Halaby explained that "hard data” can be mined from watching players on film, then the next step is seeing how it translates in the drills they run on the field. Meanwhile, assistant director of scouting Ryan Myers and director of player personnel Alan Wolking addressed the importance of attending Pro Days. "It’s a major part of the process,” Myers said. "Coaches are coming out and spending time with these young men. We’ll interview guys. We’ll see how well they can retain information and spit it back it back to us. The mental part is key, obviously.” Nick Sirianni Delivers Spirited Pep Talk Head coach Nick Sirianni welcomes the guys back with a spirited pep talk prior to the start of OTAs. His youthful energy and genuine passion really seems to resonate with the team. The motto for the 2022 season is simple: "If you want to fly fast, fly alone. If you want to fly far, fly together.” Their journey started on January 17 after the wild-card playoff loss to Tampa Bay. "Really our journey started after the season, and you guys haven’t been sitting on your ass not doing anything. You all have been working your ass off to get better,” Sirianni said. "So it started at the end of the season and it starts even a little bit more together today. "Because the best teams I’ve been on, that I’ve been a part of, right, have these things in common. They’re close. They connect. They compete. They’re vicious competitors. They’re accountable to each other. They’re smart football players. And they have good fundamentals.” Kelce Steals Show with National Anthem Display Kelce’s gravelly voice didn’t miss a note during his memorable rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner” on March 14 prior to the Sixers-Nuggets game at Wells Fargo Center. He went through some rough patches during the song, but no one complained. Kelce’s performance was one for the ages, especially since it came on the same day the 34-year-old announced he wasn’t retiring. "I don’t think I’ve been nervous really, like, nervous, nervous, in years. I’m nervous, nervous right now,” Kelce said prior to the game, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. "My knees were shaking out there doing the sound check so we’ll see how this goes.” His nerves didn’t show. And that scene is one of the best moments in Episode 1 of Unscripted. Better yet, Kelce helped raise a ton of money for Connor Barwin’s Make the World Better Foundation. https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/alec-halaby-assistant-gm/
  7. Eagles Starter Sounds Off on Uncertain Future: ‘I’m No Stranger’ By Mike Greger Updated Jun 9, 2022 at 11:16am Getty Jason Peters talks with Isaac Seumalo during an Eagles training camp practice. Rehabbing starter Isaac Seumalo has been getting the first-team reps at right guard during OTAs. The job appears to be his to lose heading into training camp assuming his foot is fully healed from Lisfranc surgery. The 28-year-old underwent two surgeries to repair the fracture – one in October to "put the metal in” when the injury happened, another in February to take the screws out – and has been moving well on the practice field. The harder part for Seumalo has been adjusting to playing next to Lane Johnson on the right side of the Philadelphia Eagles’ vaunted offensive line. He was the starting left guard prior to injuring his foot last season. "Switching from one guard to the next is different, technicalities and weight position and all this kind of specific O-line stuff,” Seumalo told reporters. "But it’s been going really well. Being out there, especially with [Jason] Kelce and Lane [Johnson], still getting to play next to them, is truly a blessing. I’m excited about it.” But Seumalo isn’t out of the woods yet. He has a few more hurdles to clear before team doctors declare him 100% healthy again. He’s listening to what they tell him and adhering to their timeline, although the 303-pounder has his own deadline. Seumalo is going to push himself to be ready for training camp on July 26. "I’m not really planning on taking any breaks [over] these next six or seven weeks,” Seumalo said. "I want to be as good if not better than what I was before. That’s always been my goal since October. My goal is to be ready by training camp.” Ready to Compete, Nothing Promised Seumalo has started 43 out of a possible 64 games during his six seasons in Philly. He’s been a vital cog along one of the most dominant offensive lines in football, a guy who team captain Jason Kelce got emotional talking about following his 2021 injury. Still, Seumalo knows nothing is promised. He and everyone else on the roster is replaceable. "Every year you’re competing,” Seumalo said. "It doesn’t matter if you’re a 12-year All-Pro or a first-year rookie, you gotta come in with that mindset that they’re always going to bring in somebody to compete for your job, that’s just what it is. I’m no stranger to that but I think when I’m healthy, I think that the film says a lot, that I can play at a really high level, and I still feel that way especially with the way the foot is feeling. I definitely feel when I’m good and ready to go that I’ll be out there.” Unless he isn’t on the roster. There has been chatter of the Eagles possibly releasing Seumalo to save $5.65 million. Remember, the former third-round pick is a set to become an unrestricted free agent in 2023. "I can’t talk about that, any sort of those conversations,” Seumalo said when asked about his future in Philly. "I’ll tell you one thing, out there on the field, I’m going to go ball out as soon as I can. Coach Stout [Jeff Stoutland] always talks about hungry dogs run faster and I’ve been as hungry as they come the past six or seven months.” High Praise for New Starter Landon Dickerson The reason Seumalo is switching positions is due to a stellar rookie year from Landon Dickerson. The former Alabama standout was a revelation at left guard in 2021 after injuries forced some musical chairs along the O-line. Seumalo watched the whole thing unfold from the sideline, with no animosity or jealousy. "I’ll tell you what, Landon balled out last year,” Seumalo said. “[He] got thrown in there, which unfortunately has happened a lot across the league for offensive lines, weathered the storm, ended up playing really well at the end, and he and Jordan [Mailata] have such a tight bond, relationship.” The Dickerson-Mailata "bromance” has been an offseason topic of conversation. It’s a real thing. The Eagles’ front office has compared that duo to being the left side version of Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson. If Seumalo wants to win a starting job, he’ll have to do it on the right side. "Me, personally, I kind of embrace challenges anyway,” Seumalo said. "They play so well next to each other. I love playing next to Jordan [Mailata], that’s been great but I feel … I’ve played next to Lane, too. They’re both, two of the best at what they do.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/isaac-seumalo-rehabbing/
  8. Eagles Pro Bowler Reveals True Feelings on Hitting Free Agency By Mike Greger Updated Jun 8, 2022 at 4:09pm Getty The Eagles inked Fletcher Cox to a one-year deal worth $14 million to return for the 2022 season. It’s been a weird offseason for Fletcher Cox as he looks down the barrel of his 11th NFL season. The six-time Pro Bowler was initially released by the Philadelphia Eagles, then quickly returned on a one-year deal. Cox was a free agent for a minute, although his loyalty to the franchise that drafted him never wavered. The 310-pound defensive tackle knew the Eagles wanted him back. It was just a matter of finding a mutually beneficial arrangement, something his agent Todd France was able to hammer out with general manager Howie Roseman. The two sides were in constant communication and everything was done in a professional manner. Cox said he knew he was coming back "days or maybe a week or so” before the deal was finalized. "I knew the team wanted me here,” Cox told reporters on June 8. "There was a deadline before we could get things done, and time is always ticking, you only have a certain amount of time to get certain things done. Like I said, I knew they wanted me here but it was just part of the process. Everything was respectfully professional and obviously, I appreciate the organization for that. And then we got everything figured out.” That being said, Cox admitted to a few other teams blowing up his phone. Talks never got serious but offers were on the table. "When you’re a free agent obviously teams do reach out,” Cox said, without naming names. "And it’s part of the process.” The 31-year-old never got "nervous” but he isn’t naive to the fact that this could be his final year in midnight green. Every player has to say farewell eventually. "Everybody has that day, right? That day where they get released from the team they’ve been playing for for a long time,” Cox said. "Obviously at some point that day has to come. We were able to get things worked out. Excited to be back in the building.” Cox Putting His Energy Into Mentoring Jordan Davis Eagles rookie Jordan Davis has gushed about Cox in nearly every interview. He grew up watching him and trying to mimic his movements. Now the first-round pick gets to share a locker room with one of his favorite players. Full circle. "I’ve talked to him,” Cox said. "I’ve been on him a little bit, just trying to teach him how to be a professional, how to be a pro, how to practice, how to handle certain situations. It’s good [to have him here], I think the more talent we have on the defensive line the better we are.” And Cox has been coaching Davis up hard this summer. He wants to mold him into the NFL’s next great defensive tackle. "I want to be able to share a lot of information with Jordan,” Cox said. "And I know he’ll get it. It’s going to be a lot for him. He’s a rookie. I’ve been in the same position before where guys have kind of taken me under their arms and led the way. I’m excited about Jordan. We converse all the time. We talk about football and more importantly about life.” Trying to Bounce Back From ‘Up and Down Year’ Cox’s streak of six straight Pro Bowls was snapped during the 2021 season. He finished with 3.5 sacks and 12 quarterback hits while trying to adjust to Jonathan Gannon’s new defensive scheme. It was far from rainbows and unicorns for the head-strong veteran; however, everyone got on the same page by the end of the year. "It was up and down, and that was the biggest thing,” Cox said. "But going into Year 2 of a defense, you know what to expect. I know what to expect, and just make the best of it, you have fun playing the game. This is my 11th year and I’ve been enjoying it.” This marks the first time Cox will enter a season on a one-year deal — $14 million, with a $12.5 million signing bonus (via Spotrac) — but don’t expect his mindset to change. Same offseason routine. Same effort on Sundays. "I don’t do anything different. I still carry myself the same way,” Cox said. "I don’t think that maybe trying to do something spectacular [works] — I’ve been here for 10 years, the team knows what to expect. They know I’m a hard worker. They know I’m a leader. They know i’m going to show up on Sundays.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/fletcher-cox-free-agency/
  9. Nick Sirianni Reveals What Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Worked On in California By Mike Greger Updated Jun 7, 2022 at 10:31am Getty Jalen Hurts finished 17-of-29 for 199 yards and two touchdowns versus New York on December 26, 2021. Everyone knows Jalen Hurts took a trip out to California this offseason to train with quarterback coaches and footwork specialists to improve his game. However, details have been scant about whom or what the Philadelphia Eagles starter actually worked on out there. Well, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni spilled the beans during an interview with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio. He wouldn’t divulge which trainers the 23-year-old saw — Tom House was one rumored name — but Sirianni did reveal that Hurts spent a lot of time drilling fundamentals. More specifically, Hurts worked on setting his feet to improve his accuracy and trajectory on deep throws. All his coaches have been preaching better mechanics and fundamentals. "He’s really worked his fundamentals, that’s what he went out there to do and we talk about fundamentals all the time,” Sirianni told Paolantonio. "And he went out there to work on his fundamentals, getting his feet right, getting his release right. Fundamentals is our lifeline here as players and coaches, to get better fundamentally means you’re going to take your game to the next level. "Obviously, with all positions, it’s important, like the way the receivers place their foot coming out of the break, the way Jalen sets his feet to throw to the left or to the right. So everything we can do to get our team better, individually, and we’ll do it collectively, is big and that was big for Jalen. So I’m noticing a big difference.” Hurts Showing Quick Feet, Better Timing The Eagles have only been on the field for a handful of OTA practices, but Hurts’ offseason work is already apparent. Offensive coordinator Shane Steichen has been impressed with the quarterback’s improved footwork during 7-on-7 drills. "Yeah, you can see right now obviously his feet,” Steichen said. "We’re working on his feet right now, the drop, the quickness of it, the timing, and it’s starting to show. Every year just like any player, you’re a young player and you’re trying to get better every single year, every single day and that’s what he’s been doing, and it’s been really good to see.” Sirianni mentioned that the idea to send Hurts out to California was a group decision. Hurts wanted to do it, and he worked together with Sirianni, Steichen and Eagles quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson to make it happen. "That was something that he was interested in doing and something that we were interested in doing,” Sirianni said. "So, it was a group effort like a lot of the things that we do here. When we game plan, it’s a group effort. This was a group effort. So, it was fun to organize that together and to be able to work to get him out to southern California to throw.” Reps and Reps and Reps: Building Chemistry Now Hurts’ attention turns to stacking days and recording reps with his revamped receiving corps, one featuring best friend A.J. Brown and former college teammate DeVonta Smith. That process started last week during abbreviated OTAs, aka summer passing camps — and Hurts loves putting in the work. "It’s just been a conversation, getting on the same page. Reps and reps and reps,” Hurts said. "I think it’s been good for us to be out here doing some competitive drills and I think that will help us in the end.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/jalen-hurts-california-workout/
  10. NFL Insider Provides Interesting Update on Rumored Eagles-Bengals Trade By Mike Greger Updated May 31, 2022 at 12:01pm Getty: Bengals S Jessie Bates There is still guarded optimism that the Philadelphia Eagles might swing for the fences on a trade for Jessie Bates. The All-Pro safety is unhappy with his contract and could push for a one-way ticket out. Bates hasn’t requested a trade at this point, but he has been skipping voluntary workouts with the Cincinnati Bengals. Some feel the Eagles should be blowing up the phone lines in southern Ohio to get a deal done. But don’t expect that to happen. Inside the Birds’ Adam Caplan recently explained that the Bengals don’t operate that way. They are probably going to franchise Bates and keep him in Cincinnati as they continue to negotiate a contract extension. Why? They rarely trade players. Period. "Them walking away with Jessie Bates would not make a lot of sense,” Caplan said. "The Bengals, the way it’s explained to me, by a lot of teams who have dealt with the Bengals over the years, they simply do not trade players. They don’t do it unless they absolutely have to.” Caplan was quick to provide an example of the Bengals’ stubbornness. Teams kept calling them about former first-round pick John Ross — the fastest man to ever run the 40 — and they refused to trade him. "They would not trade him,” Caplan said. "They decided to let his contract run out. How ridiculous is that?” Bates Doesn’t Want to Play Under Franchise Tag The Bengals may want to franchise Bates, but he doesn’t have to sign the tender. He could decide to sit out the year. Or he could have his agent demand a trade out of Cincinnati. Either way, Bates appears to be ready to dig his feet in the sand. He told Tyler Dragon of USA Today that he has "no intentions” of playing on a franchise tag. Meanwhile, NFL teams are deep into the process of tagging franchise players. The Cleveland Browns did it to David Njoku, then inked him to a four-year $56.75 million extension. The deadline to complete an extension or ink a franchise tender is July 15. Eagles Keep Hyping Up Veteran Safety Marcus Epps What the fans want and what the Eagles do are usually on opposite sides of the spectrum. The organization has been calculated and savvy this offseason. They have plugged major holes via smart trades, creative contract restructures, and free agent signings with high upside. One thing they keep saying publicly is how much they like Marcus Epps. He’s the leader in the clubhouse to replace Rodney McLeod alongside Anthony Harris at safety. Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon sees a hungry young player ready to fill a void. "Just like any young player, a guy that hasn’t been a full-time starter, is just consistency,” Gannon said of Epps. "He’s played at a high level the times that he’s played for us, and you have to be able to do that over the long-haul snap after snap. Really excited to see him play this year.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/jessie-bates-eagles-trade-update/
  11. Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Reveals Training Secret: ‘I’m Still Cockstrong’ By Mike Greger Updated Jun 3, 2022 at 6:38pm Getty Eagles QB Jalen Hurts reported to OTAs weighing 222 pounds. Jalen Hurts has a calculated response to everything, including questions about his physical appearance. So when a reporter commented that he looked "thinner,” the chiseled starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles smirked. Hurts is still walking around with 222 pounds of lean muscle. And the confidence to match it. Hurts wouldn’t admit to dropping any weight this offseason, saying: "I guess, I’ll let you tell it.” Then, out of nowhere, added: "I’m still cockstrong, though.” Now before anyone’s mind goes into the gutter, let’s define what Hurts meant. Cockstrong is a slang term used to describe a person who is "self-assured,” not cocky but confident. There was nothing sexual about his choice of words. Hurts went on to detail how he attacked the offseason by heading out to California. "This offseason I did something I’ve never done before, you know what I’m saying,” Hurts told reporters on Friday. "I went to Cali and I worked out out there. I got some good work out there. And I talked about how I was still in the front part of my career so I’m still trying to figure out what my offseason looks like. "Where do I want to train? What does that look like? Where am I going to be? I think that that’s something over time that I’ll find on my own and as the years go on, I’ll simply kind of figure that out myself.” Hurts Addresses Gun Violence Epidemic The Eagles took a strong stand against gun violence as a team on Friday by sporting orange jerseys on the practice field. They were supporting the Wear Orange movement while commemorating all the survivors and victims impacted by the gun violence epidemic gripping the United States. Hurts voiced his personal angst over the situation to start his press conference. He’s sick and tired of seeing innocent people gunned down, especially in this new wave of killings happening in schools, hospitals, and grocery stores. "Fear doesn’t belong in those places,” Hurts said, "and me sitting here as a big brother, a big cousin … I can’t even imagine my little cousins not coming home from school, my little sister not coming to from school, my dad not coming home from work. You see what we’re doing here at the Eagles trying to bring awareness to it and it’s a real thing. "Everybody sitting here may have kids or someone they love, and it all matters, whether that be spreading love, appreciating what you have, but ultimately getting this artillery off the streets and making true change, and that’s something we urge in all our communities in the community of Philadelphia. It’s gotta change.” Darius Slay Speaks on Hurts’ Increased Maturity Hurts was a leader from the day he set foot in the Eagles’ locker room. Perhaps that rubbed outgoing quarterback Carson Wentz the wrong way. It doesn’t matter now. Either way, Hurts continues to unify his teammates around him with his playmaking ability on the field and his maturity off it. "All I see is he’s growing into a mature leader,” cornerback Darius Slay said of his growth. "Each and every day, he’s been a leader already, he’s just getting better at doing it. He knows what he messed up in last year, what he has to get better in, and I think he’s doing that very well.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/jalen-hurts-cockstrong/
  12. Eagles Veteran Sounds Off on Expectations for Former 1st Round Pick By Mike Greger Updated Jun 5, 2022 at 10:25am Getty Brandon Graham sees a breakout year for former first-round pick Derek Barnett. It hasn’t gone exactly the way that Derek Barnett had hoped it would over his first five NFL seasons. Aside from that timely fumble recovery in Super Bowl LII, it’s been a struggle to meet expectations. The first-round pick is trying hard to shed the bust label. Barnett signed a two-year deal worth $14 million to return to the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s essentially a "prove-it contract” that allows the Eagles to move on after the first year if things don’t work out. But Barnett is determined to stick around Philly for the duration. He’s out to show everyone that he was worth the investment of being the 14th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. "I can see that chip on his shoulder, even more than usual, just working on the details,” Graham told reporters on June 3. "I feel like it just hasn’t happened for him yet like he wanted to but I think this year he’s going to really have a big year because he’s already just out there running around. "He’s doing a lot of good stuff. Every day in film coach is always talking about what a good job he’s doing. And he’s just trying to prove to everybody that the Eagles drafted him for a reason and that reason is going to show up this year.” Graham Buries the Hatchet with Jim Washburn Former Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn has been a strong voice in Barnett’s ear. He travels down to Tennessee to work out with the 72-year-old coach. Sometimes Graham makes the trip with him, an interesting side note considering the feud between those two guys. They hated each other. Now Washburn’s son, Jeremiah, is coaching up the edge rushers in Philadelphia. Awkward? Not a chance. Graham has nothing but love for the Washburn family. "We buried all that. I was just young and immature at the time and he was tough,” Graham said. "And that’s why it wasn’t as nice for me because he was tough. It was a tough time when he was here for me coming off a knee injury. People not believing in me in the city, thinking I was a bust, and all this stuff. "And even myself, thinking I was [a bust] at the time because, what had I done at that point? But we talked about it, got over it. I’m happy for the place that we are in. No animosity.” Young Players Don’t Know How Lucky They Are Graham came into the NFL in a different era. Two-a-days were still the norm and former coach Andy Reid ran his players into the ground, highlighted by three-hour practices in full pads under the sweltering sun up at Lehigh University. Those days are over under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Players are barely allowed to touch each other, let alone hit each other at training camp. Head coach Nick Sirianni is uber conscious of health and safety. "I tell these boys y’all don’t know what a training camp really is,” Graham said. "Old school training camps where we were running two, three-hour practices for training camp and then OTAs used to be let’s get as many plays in as we can so we can play at a fast pace.” As far as Graham’s torn Achilles, the 34-year-old is back to 100% health. He has been working in a variety of different positions at OTAs, from edge rusher to linebacker. He’s ready to add to his 59 career sacks. "I worked a little outside backer today,” Graham said after Friday’s practice. "It’s cool, man, just learning it from a different scale. I’m doing drop in, I’m doing the 4i technique, I’m doing a bunch of different things, just trying to get better as a player and for myself.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/eagles-veteran-sounds-off-on-expectations-for-former-1st-round-pick/
  13. Eagles ‘Highlight Reel’ WR Delivers Quote of the Century to Philly Fans By Mike Greger Updated Jun 3, 2022 at 9:36pm Getty: AJ Brown is coming to Philadelphia to win a championship with Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. It’s very hard for players to jump right into the Swann Fountain and feel all the love, all the feels. A.J. Brown appears to be one of those guys. The newest receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles continues to impress an audience with lofty goals every time he speaks. Brown addressed the media on Friday during the final day of the team’s first OTA sessions when he delivered what could be the quote of the century. The former Tennessee Titan was answering a question about whether he had ever played running back before — yes, he did, during his pee-wee football days in Mississippi — when the 6-foot-1, 226-pound receiver unintentionally did his best Vince Papale impression. "I’m not trying to create a highlight, I’m trying to score a touchdown,” Brown told reporters on June 3. "I’m not trying to create a highlight reel, I’m trying to score. So, however it may look if I stiff-arm him, run him over, whatever it is, I’m trying to score. That’s my objective when I get the ball.” That about sums up everything people in the blue-collar town of Philly want and respect in their favorite athletes. Less than two months in, Brown knows his new adopted city better than most of the muckity-mucks to run through it (see: Ben Simmons). "I’m not a big regular-season guy, I want to win it all,” Brown said on May 2, "and that’s my expectation coming into this building. I’m not trying to put expectations on the team but I want to win.” Brown Refuses to Throw Shade at Tennessee There was a moment on Friday when it looked like Brown might send shade toward the Tennessee Titans. He definitely thought about it, then pulled back to be the better person. "I’m not answering that question,” Brown said. "I’m not trying to throw anyone under the bus.” Brown wouldn’t trash the Titans, but when asked what he liked about the Eagles’ organization, he said: "I like how we run things here [in Philadelphia]. Everything is organized and detailed.” The Mississippi native also had kind words for the Philly faithful while comparing them to the fans in Nashville. "It’s different from Tennessee and here,” Brown said. "Everybody in Tennessee is more laid back but the fans here are very passionate and they’re very excited. And I’m excited, too.” DeVonta Smith Taking Pressure Off as WR1 DeVonta Smith will be the WR2 in Philadelphia this year for those daring cornerbacks who are scared to test Brown. That’s an imposing thought. Smith delivered a breakout rookie year in 2021 when he made 64 catches for 916 yards and 5 touchdowns. Smith was WR1 on the Eagles’ depth chart heading into the NFL drafts … right before the team traded for Brown. It’s all good. Brown sees Smith as his contemporary, a fellow WR1 who makes his job easier. "It takes the pressure off the other guy, you know, just say we’re playing [in practice] I’ll probably take [Darius] Slay because he’s ranked No. 1 or whatever and I go against him and that gives another really talented receiver to go against the No. 2 [cornerback]. "So it takes the pressure off, in my opinion, Smitty is a WR1 and he’s going against a CB number two, like I expect Smitty to dominate [that matchup]. So taking pressure off each other, and even being on the same sides, so you really can’t double [team us]. That’s great, having another great wideout besides you.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/aj-brown-highlight-reel/
  14. Eagles Reveal Major Change to OTA Schedule: ‘We Are Transitioning Away’ By Mike Greger Updated Jun 1, 2022 at 5:05pm Getty: Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni is sticking with injured starter Jalen Hurts after the bye week. Health and safety have been the calling cards of the Nick Sirianni administration. The second-year head coach believes less practices – and virtually zero contact during drills – is the key to keeping the Philadelphia Eagles both physically and mentally ready for the 17-game grind. Sirianni used joint practices last year with the New York Jets and New England Patriots to get extended looks at players while sitting his starters in preseason games. He’ll adhere to the same plan this summer as the team reported for their first taste of organized team activities (OTAs) on May 31. The Eagles have six OTA dates – May 31, June 2-3, June 6-8 – and will endure only six "light” practices during that two-week span. "Everything that we do is going to be thought out with the players’ health and safety in mind first,” Sirianni said on April 20. "That was one thing we felt like we did a good job last year of staying healthy for different reasons and different thoughts and everybody’s voices going into it. I have to make the final decision, but we really felt like we benefited from some of those things that we did last year of the time length, of the things that we did.” NFL rules allow teams to hold up to 13 practices over four weeks during the OTA period. Sirianni doesn’t need that many snaps. In fact, the Eagles plan to ditch 11-on-11 drills this year in favor of individual work. "We are transitioning away a little bit more from 11-on-11s this year,” Sirianni said on May 6. "We are not going to see those this year. I think you guys know we have two weeks of OTAs and look forward to getting a lot of good work done with our individual, get a lot of induvial where we can work on our fundamentals. Then we’ll be doing 7-on-7 because it helps our skill guys and quarterback in making the read and different looks he’s going to get.” Eagles Players React to Abbreviated OTA Schedule Players prefer to limit the wear and tear on their bodies, especially if they can avoid being outside in the 100-degree heat. (The temperature hit 97 on May 31, the first scheduled day for Eagles OTAs). Why risk getting hurt in May or June? Football is football, according to Landon Dickerson. "The NFL season is longer than the college season obviously,” Dickerson said. "As guys get older, especially some of the veterans we have on the team, I think it’s beneficial for everybody to kind of transition to those more mental reps more than anything. A lot of these older guys, they’ve been playing a long time and they know what it takes to block guys, play in games.” The mental aspect is what people tend to forget when debating rest versus rust. Sirianni doubled down on his philosophy last season by trading real practices for walk-throughs late in the regular season as a way to keep everyone’s minds sharp. The whole thing is a delicate balance, one that is one freak ankle pivot or knee twist from going south. "Pros and cons with both. Work is work but I think it’s also important at this level to maintain the body,” Boston Scott said. "It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have your guys going into the first game of the season. So I think it’s just league-wide finding that balance of grinding but at the same time taking care of the players and making sure the roster is fresh going into the first game.” Eagles Slated for Joint Practices with Browns, Dolphins True to his word, Sirianni has scheduled joint practices with two different franchises this summer. The Eagles will travel to Cleveland ahead of their preseason matchup against the Browns on August 21, then head down to Miami prior to their exhibition game versus the Dolphins on August 27. Training camp is expected to begin in late July. Sirianni had to run his offseason conditioning plan by Howie Roseman before finalizing it. That turned out to be a formality. Everyone in the organization is on the same wavelength when it comes to health and safety. "Coach talked to me about it,” Roseman said, "and I think what he’s saying makes a ton of sense.” "We’re comfortable with that’s where we are,” Sirianni said, "with the amount of time that we’re spending in this offseason.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/nick-sirianni-ota-schedule/
  15. NFL Rumors: Pro Bowl RB ‘Worth a Call’ for Run-Heavy Eagles By Mike Greger Updated May 28, 2022 at 12:04am Getty: Kareem Hunt #27, of the Cleveland Browns, fails to make a reception after a hit from DeShon Elliott #32, of the Baltimore Ravens, in the game at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 14, 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) The Philadelphia Eagles are feeling pretty good about their running backs room right now. Miles Sanders, Kenny Gainwell, and two-sport playmaker Boston Scott should be a pretty lethal triumvirate in the backfield. Still, it has to be tempting for the NFL’s top-ranked rushing attack to add another weapon to the mix. Especially if that guy is a one-time Pro Bowler with 3,557 rushing yards and 44 total touchdowns to his name. The Cleveland Browns are loaded at the running back position, prompting Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine to propose a trade sending Kareem Hunt to Philly. Terms were not disclosed but the emergence of D’Ernest Johnson, coupled with new quarterback Deshaun Watson, could have Cleveland looking for draft capital. Ballentine wrote: Gainwell Keeps Turning Heads, Earning More Snaps The Eagles really don’t have a need for another running back. Miles Sanders is entrenched as RB1 and – depending on how the first 10 weeks play out – could be handed a lucrative long-term contract extension to keep that role. Meanwhile, the coaching staff remains high on Kenneth Gainwell, a fifth-round pick out of Memphis from the 2021 draft. He rushed for 291 yards on 68 carries during his rookie year along with taking in six total touchdowns. "I just think that’s the type of high character guys that reach their ceiling, I really truly believe that,” head coach Nick Sirianni said on December 31. "I think you guys have heard me say that before: Guys that love football, that are tough and have high character, they’re going to reach their ceiling as football players. "Now, there are other things that contribute to potentially not reaching your ceiling, but those are the guys, in my past, that have reached their ceiling as football players, and I have no doubt that Kenny Gainwell will be able to that here as an Eagle.” Eagles Heading to Australia, Ghana, New Zealand The Eagles will become the first NFL franchise to market themselves in Africa. The team will host a developmental camp and fan event in Ghana in June, according to a press release. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said he was "extremely proud” to be the first NFL franchise to launch marketing, fan engagement, and commercialization efforts in Africa. "We are continuously looking for opportunities to connect with new fans while expanding the reach of our brand domestically and abroad,” Lurie said. "With the NFL identifying Australia, New Zealand, and Ghana as emerging markets for our league, we see a tremendous opportunity for our team to continue to touch and create ‘Eagles Everywhere.'” The move is a big one when considering the global impact of the NFL. Remember, the Eagles have three Australian players on the roster: Jordan Mailata, Arryn Siposs, Matt Leo. https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/kareem-hunt-browns-trade/
  16. Eagles DC Jonathan Gannon Addresses Head Coaching Rumors By Mike Greger Updated May 26, 2022 at 1:10pm Getty: Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon is being mentioned as a head-coaching candidate. It’s good to feel wanted. It’s better to be loved. Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon felt both emotions during a hectic offseason. Three different NFL franchises wanted Gannon to be their next head coach. He was a candidate for three head-coaching jobs after interviewing with the Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, and Minnesota Vikings last January. And the 39-year-old assistant was considered an "extremely strong contender” for the Houston gig before they hired Lovie Smith. The rising star coach had been tight-lipped about the interviews when first asked about it at the end of last season. Four months later – after signing on for another year in Philly – Gannon described the experience as "humbling.” "It was good. It was humbling to have the opportunity to get a chance to interview with a couple different teams,” Gannon told reporters on May 24. "Just excited about being in the seat that I’m in right now. Learned a lot from it, but that’s kind of in the past and I’m focused on right now getting our players better.” His troops are ecstatic to have Gannon back for a second season, too. He wears the "player’s coach” label with pride, slapped across his youthful face and embodied by his high-energy practices. "I mean, I like him. I like his personality. I like everything about him,” defensive end Josh Sweat said. "He just wants the best for his guys. It means a lot to me to be with him for another year. As I said, we fell short, we weren’t where we need to be. But this defense, underneath him, we can be so much better.” Front 7 Issued Separate Meeting Rooms When Haason Reddick revealed that Gannon had split up the defensive meeting rooms by position, it caused a bit of a stir. He also brought Jeremiah Washburn over to help coach the defensive ends and linebackers. Why? Gannon explained the decision came out of a talk with head coach Nick Sirianni about maximizing staff. "Just a little more time on task because we play different forms, different spacing, and we wanted to kind of group those guys together,” Gannon said. "There are times where they’re going to meet together and there are times when they meet separate, but the different front structures that we play felt like it was … sat down with the head coach [Sirianni] and said, ‘Hey, how can we maximize the staff that we have with what we’re doing to ultimately improve our players.’ That’s where we decided to go. I’m excited about it.” Reddick is in the room with Washburn which features the outside linebackers and defensive ends. The self-described "weapon” sees the new structure as a strong move. The Eagles only registered 29 sacks in 2021, second-worst total in the NFL. "Last year everybody, as far as d-tackles, inside defensive linemen, and d-ends and outside linebackers, were all in one room from my understanding,” Reddick said, "and now it’s split up which is a great thing because now we can focus on more of what we’re supposed to do with the position itself.” Not Concerned About Starting Safety Tandem Philadelphia is expected to roll with a starting safety tandem of Anthony Harris and Marcus Epps. While some are skeptical of the talent and depth at the position, Gannon isn’t worried. He likes the production he got out of the group last season, especially the younger guys like K’Von Wallace and Andre Chachere. "Production,” Gannon said about why he’s confident in the safeties. "I feel like that room, each guy that’s in that room right now that’s played has shown that they can play at a high level for us. Anthony [Harris] obviously coming back and Marcus [Epps] playing a lot of snaps for us last year, K’Von [Wallace], Dre [Chachere], Jared [Mayden], I feel really good about that room. Everything that I look for in a safety, all those guys in that room have those qualities. Really have to put the work in and then see where it goes.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/jonathan-gannon-head-coach-3/
  17. Eagles 2-Sport Playmaker Reveals Reasons for Signing 1-Year Deal By Mike Greger Updated May 25, 2022 at 12:35pm Getty: Eagles RB Boston Scott ran for 373 yards and 7 touchdowns in 16 games (4 starts) during the 2021 campaign. The Philadelphia Eagles took a calculated risk when they didn’t tender Boston Scott this offseason. They let the restricted free agent test the waters but kept in close contact with him throughout the process. Scott decided it was in his best interest to return to the only franchise where he has seen meaningful snaps. The sixth-round pick out of Louisiana Tech inked a one-year deal worth $1.75 million. It was a no-brainer when he looked out at the NFL landscape. For starters, he loves Philadelphia and the Eagles’ organization. Besides, there was "nothing major” in terms of any competing offers in free agency. Everyone won. "It’s been where I’ve been able to make my mark,” Scott told reporters. "I love the City of Philadelphia. I love the team. I love the organization. I love the fans and I really feel like Philadelphia has embraced me so going into the second year, I love to have some continuity and see where it goes as far as what we can do. I’m excited about the team and the offseason, I’m excited about what’s in the future.” The continuity he speaks of comes from the Eagles’ decision to retain Nick Sirianni and his coaching staff. Scott was a reliable weapon for the team when injuries decimated the running backs room. He finished with 373 yards on 87 carries — 4.3 yards per touch — while scoring seven total touchdowns. He gashed the New York Giants in Weeks 12 and 16 for 105 yards and two scores. Year 2? Unlimited potential. "I feel like there is a little bit more comfortability because we know what to expect,” Scott said of Year 2. "We know the terminology and now it’s just tweaking things here, tweaking things there, so you definitely feel the environment. "We’re still geared up and ready, and we have our goals in front of us to what we want to accomplish and everything, but it’s just a natural thing, you go into your second year you’re going to be a little more comfortable in the system.” Not Worried About Role: Show Up & Work Scott has been fighting and clawing his way since coming into the NFL in 2018. He bounced around on the New Orleans Saints practice squad before finally getting his first offensive snap with the Eagles in 2019. And he has made the most of every opportunity: 228 rushes for 992 yards, with 14 total touchdowns. He fits the Darren Sproles’ mold, a playmaker ready to embrace whatever role they ask him to take on. "I’m not really worried about what my role is or isn’t,” Scott said. "I come here and I show up and I work, you know, I just want to be a little bit better than I was last year. Competing against myself and wherever the cards fall, that’s where they fall.” The 5-foot-6, 203-pounder was actually a state champion powerlifter at Zachary High School. He knows what the job entails. "Your job is to show up and when you’re presented with those opportunities, maximize those opportunities. Period. No excuses,” Scott said. "Nobody within those lines cares about what’s going on in your life. Your job is to show up and do what you’re supposed to do.” Helping Young Video Gamers in Rocket League Scott made headlines in February when he inked a deal with Dignitas, an international eSports organization with 18 world champions. The contract made Scott the first two-sport athlete in the NFL and Rocket League. While video gamers have traditionally held a nerdy reputation among the masses, the Eagles running back is looking to change that. One way he intends to do that is through mentorship. "Shout out to Dignitas,” Scott said. "There’s a lot of unchartered territory within the gaming space as far as these pros … they’re young, so I really think there are some opportunities there based on what I’ve been able to go through as a pro from the mental side. I can help as far as enrichment. "I’ve been in the works with Psyonix, who developed the game, to kind of create like an enrichment type program for some of those guys who have been thrown into this space and are having money thrown at them and that’s pretty much it. Well, you have an opportunity, you have a platform, to market yourself, to work on your brand.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/boston-scott-contract/
  18. Eagles Pro Bowl CB James Bradberry Sounds Off on Giants Exit By Mike Greger Updated May 24, 2022 at 7:04pm Getty: New York Giants starting cornerback James Bradberry on October 4, 2020. The New York Giants made a calculated business decision when they released James Bradberry. They attempted to trade him but when no suitors met the asking price, the Pro Bowl cornerback hit the waiver wire in a cap-clearing move. Bradberry didn’t agree with the move — especially not the timing of it — but he understands that football is a business. Are there any hard feelings between Bradberry and the Giants? If there are, he isn’t admitting it. "First of all, I understand that it is a business so I was putting my business cap on first,” Bradberry told reporters. "And understanding that I’m an asset so I understand that they want something for me. That was part of the game. Personally, I didn’t necessarily like it. But it’s a business at the end of the day and I understand that.” Now Bradberry will wear No. 24 for the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that plays the Giants twice this season. While Bradberry doesn’t have those games circled on his calendar, his wry smile certainly revealed that winning them matters. He would love nothing better than to win the NFC East and make a lengthy playoff run in 2022. "I’m looking forward to every game that we play next year,” Bradberry said. "It’s 17 games. I know that we have to win a lot of them to make it into the playoffs, so I’m looking forward to all the games we play.” The 28-year-old only inked a one-year deal so he’s banking on himself to get an extension. Whether that’s in Philly or somewhere else remains to be seen. "For sure,” Bradberry said when asked if he was excited about hitting free agency. Bradberry: ‘Potential Only Gets You So Far’ The idea of a starting cornerback tandem of Bradberry and Darius Slay has everyone drooling. Those two players have combined for more than 80 pass breakups and 15 interceptions since 2016. Now they are playing on the same team in what should be one of the scariest secondaries in football. But potential will only get you so far. And while Slay has them filling the large shoes of another great Eagles cornerback duo — he compared them to Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard — Bradberry is tapering expectations. "I mean potential only gets you so far, so I don’t really want to speak on potential,” Bradberry said. "I just know individually we’re pretty good so the goal is to be great together.” Sold on Jonathan Gannon’s Defensive Scheme The Eagles are expected to mix up their defensive scheme once again under second-year coordinator Jonathan Gannon. He’ll make his cornerbacks play both zone and man coverage, depending on the down and distance. Bradberry thrives in that kind of hybrid scheme and mentioned it as a major reason why he chose Philadelphia over 10 other interested teams. "I like to play in a defense that offers like multiple looks, plays zone and man,” Bradberry said. "And I think I make a lot of plays in both, so that’s the reason why I like the scheme.” Bradberry said the Giants played a similar hybrid style, but there will be an adjustment period playing next to Slay. He hopes to get acclimated quickly. "Myself, I’m also learning the scheme,” Bradberry said. "So as I continue to learn the scheme and put the work in, it’ll formulate itself at the end of the day. But right now I’m just trying to make sure I learn the scheme and make sure I’m good enough for this defense.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/james-bradberry-giants-exit/
  19. Eagles ‘Problem’ Sounds Off on A.J. Brown Trade, New WR Depth Chart By Mike Greger Updated May 20, 2022 at 2:06pm Getty: Eagles WR Quez Watkins isn't a secret anymore after busting loose on a 79-yard TD catch. Looking at the wide receiver depth chart may cause goosebumps at first glance. The Philadelphia Eagles have A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith penciled in as the starters, a one-two punch that could push for the best combo in the National Football League. But the guy sitting behind them could be the biggest problem of the bunch, according to one teammate. Quez Watkins is poised for a breakout year. "Quez is a great player. I knew he was a great player since he got in here,” cornerback Avonte Maddox said. "And he’s fast, and he makes contested catches, little do you know. He’s going to be a problem if guys want to sit there and put their best guys on DeVonta [Smith] or A.J. [Brown] or Dallas [Goedert] or whatever — that’s an explosive offense I just called out. That is going to leave Quez to have a breakout year.” Watkins was arguably the best receiver in training camp last year, then proved it by making dazzling, highlight-reel catches in the preseason. It didn’t necessarily translate over into the regular season, but that was more due to a lack of opportunities. The coaching staff was trying to force the issue with Jalen Reagor with no success. But when Watkins’ number was called he shined. He finished with 43 receptions for 647 yards and one touchdown. His 15.0 yards-per-catch ranked first on the Eagles among receivers with at least 200 snaps, along with putting him at No. 13 in the NFL. More importantly, the speedy outside threat got valuable experience playing in the slot last season. Serving as an explosive inside target should be his main role in 2022. "Honestly, last year helped me get out of my comfort zone,” Watkins said of playing the slot. "I played outside all my career, but moving in the slot got me out of my comfort zone. Now, I’m able to go inside or outside, being able to do both, it’s just another tool for me.” Watkins Says He ‘Loved’ the A.J. Brown Trade It’s hard to find someone who didn’t love the Eagles’ draft-day trade for A.J. Brown. It instantly upgraded a mediocre receiving corps into what could be an elite one. However, if anyone had a right to complain it could have been Watkins since his targets could suffer. Nope. That’s not what team players do. "I loved it,” Watkins said of the Brown trade. "Honestly, it’s an extra guy in the room, extra threat in the room, so for us, it’s just going to be dynamic.” And Watkins doesn’t see his role changing. Whether they play him in the slot or on the outside, the dynamic 23-year-old is going to make the most of his opportunities. "My role doesn’t change,” Watkins said. "We’re all going to compete and we’re all going to do our part, our 1/11 on the field, so my role isn’t going to change. I’m going to continue to do what I do.” Eagles Have Interesting Options at Slot WR Obviously, the Eagles are going to rotate Watkins between the outside and the slot. His speed — 4.35 seconds in the 40 at the 2020 Combine, the second-fastest among receivers that year — makes him too dangerous to limit to inside routes. Philadelphia will experiment with Watkins there in certain formations while letting newcomer Zach Pascal and veteran Greg Ward Jr. take turns in the slot. Their depth at the position is suddenly enviable. "Quez has big-play ability in him,” head coach Nick Sirianni said on January 19. "I think out of the No. 2 wide-outs I’ve been around in the NFL, he can be one of the best No. 2’s that I’ve been around in the NFL because of his skillset and because of his ability to make plays.” For his part, Watkins mentioned studying dominant slot guys like Cooper Kupp, Brandin Cooks, and Keenan Allen (from early in his carer) to hone his skills. He sounds ready to explode. "It’s like an obstacle course inside,” Watkins said, "and then outside I get to use more of my speed. I’ve learned how to play faster in it [inside]. I was playing at a slower pace.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/quez-watkins-problem/
  20. ‘Dominant Defense’: Eagles Players Respond to James Bradberry Signing By Mike Greger Updated May 18, 2022 at 4:33pm Getty: Eagles CB Avonte Maddox returns an interception down the sideline in 2021 versus the New York Giants. The addition of James Bradberry changes expectations for the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense. The squad went from not knowing who might play opposite Darius Slay to getting a Pro Bowl cornerback. That one roster move, coupled with a stellar draft class, could turn the unit into one of the most feared in football. The excitement was buzzing about Bradberry on Wednesday afternoon at the team’s practice facility. Avonte Maddox found out about the signing from his teammates as he walked into the locker room. The smile on the nickel cornerback’s face said it all. "I walked into the locker room and I didn’t even know about it because I didn’t have my phone or anything like that,” Maddox told reporters. "Then I seen a few guys just talking about it and then I looked at my phone and I seen it, so pretty cool. Like I said, high praise for the player and the guy so I’m excited to work with him.” Maddox — the 26-year-old who inked a three-year extenion in 2021 — sees a "dominant defense” ready to bust out in 2022. In addition to Bradberry, the team added pass rusher Haason Reddick, linebacker Kyzir White, plus rookie defensive tackle Jordan Davis and rookie linebacker Nakobe Dean. Watch out. "We want to be dominant, that’s the goal every year going into any season from my standpoint,” Maddox said. "The main two goals are: takeaways — and that’s the biggest one — and stopping the explosive plays. We’re going to go in and we’re going to focus on our goals and everyone has their individual goals but coming in as a defense, and adding all these pieces and even with the young guys, I feel like we have good depth in this room and on this defense to be a dominant defense.” Quez Watkins Loves Bradberry’s Size Bradberry brings 15 career interceptions into the Eagles’ revamped secondary. Yes, the 28-year-old is coming off a down year in 2021 but he is only one season removed from a Pro Bowl apperance. And his 82 pass breakups since 2016 are the second-most in the NFL to only one player, Darius Slay and his 84 pass breakups. Bradberry — standing at 6-foot-1 and 212 pounds — instantly upgrades the Philly secondary. "He brings a lot of size and then with him he’s a great corner. He’s a top corner in this league,” Quez Watkins said. "So he’s going to bring a different aspect to the DBs and to the DBs room. He’s going to bring that competitiveness.” Maddox has watched Bradberry’s tape and knows what kind of player the Eagles just stole away from their NFC East rivals. "He’s a great player obviously, and he’s been playing the game for a minute,” Maddox said, "and he’s smart and he knows the game well. So, just adding a piece like that to the defense is a great addition.” T.J. Edwards Not Scared of Competition The linebackers room in Philadelphia arguably saw the greatest upheaval this offseason. The additions of Haason Reddick and Kyzir White should turn a relative weakness into a strength, a group that returning starter T.J. Edwards is proud to lead into battle. Competition at the position is only going to make everyone stronger. "It’s awesome. I think the more depth you have, the more piecese you have, the more you can do,” Edwards said. "I think we’ve brought in some really good additions and guys that have really played football at a high level, so I think it just adds more to what we can do. I think that, and you look at it as competition, everyone’s going to get better from that.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/james-bradberry-dominant-defense/
  21. Eagles Sign Jalen Hurts’ College Teammate: Ex-Oklahoma ‘Little Old Man’ By Mike Greger Updated May 17, 2022 at 12:44pm Getty: Former Oklahoma teammates Jalen Hurts and Kennedy Brooks hug during the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl in 2019. The Philadelphia Eagles are fully committed to Jalen Hurts. Not only is the football team saying all the right things, but it is also showing it boldly with their actions. The Eagles keep drafting, signing, and trading for Hurts’ friends. The latest one? Former Oklahoma running back Kennedy Brooks. Brooks inked the fifth-highest deal for an undrafted rookie running back valued at $2.57 million over three years (via Spotrac). And he carries the third-highest guaranteed contract on the Eagles at $240,000. That’s a nice reward for the explosive rusher once called a "little old man” by Hurts in college. The dual-threat quarterback joked about Brooks’ lack of speed when the two were teammates at Oklahoma in 2019. To be fair, the 5-foot-11, 209-pounder ran the 40-yard dash in a disappointing 4.59 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine. Or maybe Hurts was trying to drop his draft stock. "I call him paw-paw because he walks around like a little old man,” Hurts said in 2019. "But, no, he’s a great running back.” Brooks was pretty explosive for the Sooners and rushed for 1,253 yards and 13 scores in 13 games as a senior. He left the school with 3,320 rushing yards and 31 scores, along with 209 receiving yards on 29 receptions in 38 career games. He averaged 7.0 yards per carry at Oklahoma and earned the Alamo Bowl Offensive MVP Award after piling up 142 yards and 3 touchdowns in that game. Brooks also won the coveted Landry Award in 2016, given to the best high school player in the state of Texas. NFL Media’s Lance Zierlein called him an "RB2 with upside” and thought he might get drafted in Round 6 or Round 7. "Brooks will be knocked for a lack of suddenness and explosiveness, but may end up becoming a more effective NFL runner than evaluators expect,” Zierlein wrote. "He’s a tempo-based runner with an ability to switch gears inside the run when needed.” Contract Details Revealed for UDFAs Brooks’ contract details weren’t the only ones generating buzz on Tuesday. NBC Sports Philadelphia did a deep dive on all the financials and what they could mean moving forward. Rookie quarterback Carson Strong received a signing bonus of $20,000, with $320,000 guaranteed — that’s the highest guaranteed contract for any of the undrafted rookie free agents from the 2022 class. Interestingly, Philadelphia also shelled out lucrative deals to Idaho defensive tackle Noah Elliss ($250,000) and Clemson cornerback Mario Goodrich ($217,000). The Eagles spread out $1.747 million in guaranteed money over 12 players, per NBC Sports. Compare that to $480,000 spread out over seven players in 2021. The franchise knew going into this draft that there was going to be a lot of undrafted talent. "We just try to be as aggressive as we can, and knowing just like in the draft we’ll get some guys and we’ll miss out on some guys,” GM Howie Roseman told reporters on April 30. "I think we got a good class, and there will still be open roster spots when this is all over because we are going to continue to look for opportunities.” Eagles Add 2 New Faces to Scouting Department The Eagles named Jeremy Gray their new Assistant Director of Pro Scouting, according to Billy Embody. Gray spent last season at the University of Arizona as Coordinator of College Scouting following a two-year stint as a Pro Personnel Scout for the Minnesota Vikings. Philadelphia also hired Temple University alum Rod Streater to be an Area Scout, per Neil Stratton. Streater has worked for a number of NFL organizations, including Cleveland, Kansas City, San Francisco, Buffalo, and Las Vegas. https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/jalen-hurts-kennedy-brooks-oklahoma/
  22. Eagles Starter Addresses Safety Void After Inking 1-Year Contract By Mike Greger Updated May 16, 2022 at 3:16pm Getty: Eagles safety Anthony Harris inked a one-year deal worth $2.5 million to return to Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles are running it back with one-half of their safety tandem from the 2021 campaign. Veteran Anthony Harris inked a one-year deal worth $2.5 million (via Spotrac) to return for his second season in midnight green. It was an expected move considering the team’s lack of depth at the safety position. Harris knows the system having played under Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon in Minnesota. That was one reason for his desire to return to Philly. The other? Well, the 30-year-old just looked around the locker room and liked the culture, especially when looking at the new pieces the team brought in. Guys like Haason Reddick and A.J. Brown, as well as rookies Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean. "For me, just taking a look at all the pieces here — a lot of talent, being in the locker room, seeing the personalities,” Harris told reporters when asked why he wanted to return. "The players there, building those relationships, not only with the players but with the staff. Being in the city, being in the stadium, just the environment and how it’s competitive. Everybody is just focused on wanting to win and the passion that not only the players share but the staff and the city is something I wanted to continue to be a part of.” Harris Knows What Marcus Epps Can Bring Harris will walk right back into his role as the starter while the Eagles ponder what to do next to him. Rodney McLeod left in free agency which opened up a roster spot. The leading candidate to take it is Marcus Epps, with K’Von Wallace likely getting a shot at training camp. There had been chatter of them signing Tyrann Mathieu before the New Orleans Saints handed him $28.3 million over three years. They didn’t. And Harris remains focused on helping the entire defensive backs room. "I’ve just been trying to help guys grow and continue to develop on and off the field,” Harris said, "and trying to be a mentor when I can and paying it back.” Epps and Harris were brief teammates on the Vikings in 2019 so he understands how hard the sixth-rounder works. He plans to help mentor him — a new role Harris is happy to embrace with McLeod gone — and show him the ropes, although Epps might not need too much help coming off a strong showing last season. Epps saw 505 defensive snaps in 2021, the most of his three-year NFL career. And the veteran safety finished with 63 total tackles along with one interception and five pass breakups in 16 games (3 starts). "He’s remained the same player [from Minnesota],” Harris said. "Young, has a lot of ability, always focused, always paying attention to what the coaches are saying. Regardless of how much he’s playing he’s always up on the gameplan. He’s always knowing the assignments and then just watching him work, being very detailed in what he’s doing, and just being hungry for the opportunity.” Influences of Harrison Smith, Linval Joseph The influences of veteran safety Harrison Smith and defensive tackle Linval Joseph helped shape Harris during his time in Minnesota. He saw those two guys as leaders on the Vikings’ defense and he tries to take bits and pieces from them to guide the way he mentors guys in Philadephia. "Just pumping that hunger mentality,” Harris said. "And, for me, it’s just about not being worried about the next guy but just trying to be the best individual player you can be and knowing that’s enough and understanding the nature of the beast. It’s really just, focus on the moment — not worry about any of the outside stuff, just enjoying playing the game and worrying about getting better each game.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/anthony-harris-one-year-deal/
  23. Dallas Goedert Hints at Explosive New Tweak to Eagles’ Offense By Mike Greger Updated May 15, 2022 at 1:46pm Getty: Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert hopes to get 100 receptions and 1,000 yards during the 2022 season. The Philadelphia Eagles pounded their way to a playoff spot behind the best rushing attack in football last season. Their run-heavy offense was unapologetically dominant in 2021, leading the NFL in total rushing yards (2,715) and rushing yards per game (159.7). If those numbers look good, they should. The Eagles were historically good on the ground and set a single-season franchise record for rushing yards. It stands to reason the team would stick to the same gameplan in 2022, but the addition of A.J. Brown – coupled with the return of play-making tight end Dallas Goedert and reliable receiver DeVonta Smith – could make them flip the script. Quarterback Jalen Hurts has legitimate weapons all over the field, none bigger than the 6-foot-5, 256-pound Goedert. The $57 million rising star is ready to fully shed the shadow of former starter Zach Ertz who was sent to Arizona at last year’s trade deadline. Goedert isn’t banking on more targets in 2022, but he’s cautiously optimistic about the Eagles morphing into a more pass-friendly offense. "You know, maybe we’ll be throwing the ball a little bit more,” Goedert told reporters, with a huge grin on his face. "No, I’m not too worried about my targets. I don’t think Smitty [Smith] is too worried about his targets. I don’t think A.J. [Brown] is too worried about his targets. "I think collectively we all want to win games and we’re willing to do whatever it takes. He [Brown] came from a heavy run game [in Tennessee]. We were a heavy run team last year, so I don’t think anyone is too worried about it. We’re just worried about getting better in this time and when the time comes to worry about that, it’ll be time to worry about that.” J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Transitioning to Tight End Goedert was asked to talk about J.J. Arcega-Whiteside’s unexpected transition to tight end. The two players actually share the same sports agency and worked out together earlier this offseason in California. He sees the 2019 second-rounder as an asset to the tight ends room. "It’s cool to have him in the room,” Goedert said. "It’s a new body, a new person to ask questions, you just get better detail with a new person because you have to explain it more so I’m really excited for him, excited to see how he embraces the role and excited to see what he can do.” The hardest part for Arcega-Whiteside will be picking up the blocking schemes and offensive line calls, according to Goedert. He’s not concerned about the Stanford University graduate picking it up. He was a National Honor Society member, an international relations major who is fluent in three different languages. "I don’t think he’ll have any problem,” Goedert said. "He went to Stanford.” Not Setting Any Personal Goals, Except One The decision to trade Ertz and hand Goedert a long-term deal proved the Eagles were committed to the fourth-year player. He finished with 830 yards on 56 receptions and four touchdowns in 2021. He made 14 starts after starting the year as a part-time starter, then took over for good once Ertz left town. This year, Goedert doesn’t have to look over his shoulder and he’s embracing his new leadership role. "I was really excited to be here for four more years,” Goedert said. "Yea, my leadership role without Zach is definitely growing.” That being said, Goedert doesn’t want to set any personal goals. That’s because he isn’t convinced that the offense will be more pass-heavy in 2022. However, the physical tight end from South Dakota State admitted he would like to hit "100 receptions and 1,000 yards.” "I’m not really one that sets personal goals,” Goedert said. "It’s a team game and everything relies on so much that if you set receptions or yards and stuff like that, and you become a running team and you don’t throw the ball as much, you might get upset but you’re winning games. "So really for me, it’s just to win games and be the best I can be. Each day I want to improve. I want to win my 1-on-1 matchups every play. So for me it’s more worrying about the small details day in and day out, getting better every day, being great on the day it is.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/dallas-goedert-personal-goals/
  24. Eagles Expected to ‘Aggressively Pursue’ Pro Bowl CB from NFC East Rival By Mike Greger Updated May 6, 2022 at 11:36am Getty: New York Giants starting cornerback James Bradberry on October 4, 2020. The Philadelphia Eagles were thought to be interested in Stephon Gilmore and Patrick Peterson in free agency. Neither one ended up signing a contract to wear a midnight green jersey. Now the team has been tied to another stud cornerback who could be released or traded in the coming days. The New York Giants have been attempting to move James Bradberry, but his $14.5 million average annual salary has apparently scared teams off. The NFC East basement dwellers might be forced to cut the one-time Pro Bowler to free up $10.1 million if Bradberry is designated with a post-June 1 release date. If that happens, expect the Eagles to make a phone call. According to The Draft Network’s Justin Melo, general manager Howie Roseman is "expected to aggressively pursue Bradberry if and when he becomes available.” The Eagles don’t have a starting-caliber cornerback on the roster to pair opposite Darius Slay after letting Steven Nelson walk in free agency. Bradberry ranked 58th among all qualifying corners in 2021 with a 62.8 grade, per Pro Football Focus. He would step in immediately and start for the Eagles. Other teams thought to be vying for Bradberry’s services are the Las Vegas Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. "Philadelphia must be better prepared to defend the pass going forward if they hope to win the NFC East over Dak Prescott and the high-octane Dallas Cowboys,” wrote Melo. "Signing away Bradberry from their division rival Giants would also lead to some fun bragging rights and talking points for Eagles fans.” Eagles Keep Saying They Like Their Young CBs Many expected the Eagles to take a cornerback in the 2022 NFL draft, especially after rumors circulated about them possibly moving up. Ahmad "Sauce” Gardner and Derek Stingley Jr. were the two biggest names linked to them. But the team ignored the position and traded up for Jordan Davis. After the draft, Roseman addressed the decision not to take a cornerback and hyped up the young options on his roster. Philadelphia did ink Clemson’s Mario Goodrich and Alabama’s Joshua Jobe as undrafted rookie free agents. "We tried to get a little more aggressive after the draft,” Roseman said, "but I think the way we look at the defensive backfield position, particularly the corners, when you look at kind of what we did last year after we got to camp and claiming Mac [McCain III] and bringing Mac in and trading for Josiah [Scott] and trading for Kary [Vincent, Jr.] and trading for Tay [Gowan], those are all guys that we had good grades on. "They are young, talented guys that will have the first time going through our offseason program, and we look at them almost as part of this draft class in terms of adding guys who, for the first time, go through our offseason and get a chance to be with our coaches.” Team Signs 3 Players to Rookie Contracts The Eagles officially inked defensive tackle Jordan Davis, linebacker Kyron Johnson, and tight end Grant Calcaterra to rookie contracts on Thursday. Those deals were just formalities as the team looks to get all five of their draft picks under contract for the start of rookie minicamps this weekend. Davis’ deal was the most noteworthy as the first-rounder signed a four-year deal worth $17 million fully guaranteed, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Davis will be fighting for a starting spot on the defensive line alongside Javon Hargrave and Fletcher Cox. https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/james-bradberry-giants/
  25. Darius Slay Reveals ‘Under-the-Radar’ Eagles Player to Watch By Mike Greger Updated May 5, 2022 at 11:47am Getty: Third-year safety Marcus Epps could play a vital role for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021. Lost in the shuffle of what was widely considered a great 2022 draft was the absence of a new safety. The Philadelphia Eagles went heavy on defense — mainly at the linebacker spot — but failed to invest more resources in their secondary. That appears to be by design. General manager Howie Roseman has showered love on returning safeties Marcus Epps and Anthony Harris on multiple occasions this offseason. The Eagles also have high hopes for third-year man K’Von Wallace. When Pro Bowl cornerback Darius Slay was asked to name his "under-the-radar player to watch” for the 2022 season, he didn’t hesitate. Slay name-dropped Epps instantly. "For sure Marcus Epps. He got a lot of reps, been playing there a lot,” Slay told reporters. "He filled the role in real good, he’s always been ready, always been waiting for his time to come and this is his time. I know the work he put in, looking forward to seeing what he do.” Slay was also complimentary of the young cornerbacks on the roster. With last year’s starter Steven Nelson gone — he inked a cheap deal in Houston — it’ll be up to unproven guys like Tay Gowan, Josiah Scott, Kary Vincent Jr., and Mac McCain III to push for the spot opposite Slay. The Eagles also have second-year corner Zech McPhearson itching to make his presence felt. "He’s ready,” Slay said of McPhearson. "Like I said, we got a lot of trust in our room, a lot of belief. You know, we got a good coach [Dennard Wilson] that is very detailed, and I make it simple for them, just do your job at the highest of your abilities. Ain’t nobody asking you to do extra or extra more, just try and do your job the best way you can.” Devon Allen Impressing Eagles Teammates Devon Allen is attempting to return to organized football after a six-year hiatus. The two-time Olympian has been busy setting track-and-field records, including a 2022 world-best time at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia. Slay showed up to watch his newest teammate and enjoyed every blistering second. Literally. Allen ran the 100-meter hurdles in 13.11 seconds. "I’m real big on supporting my teammates so, of course, I was going to show up,” Slay said. "Man, he’s fast.” Slay joked that maybe he should trade in his football cleats for track spikes. He actually ran the 100 and 200 meters as a youngster at Brunswick High School in Georgia. "That thing was lit. I kind of miss my track days,” Slay said of the Penn Relays. "That looked way more fun than playing in a [football] game honestly, that looked fun.” Slay Comments on A.J. Brown’s Skillset The Eagles’ blockbuster trade for A.J. Brown is still sending shockwaves around the NFL. Slay will have to cover the 6-foot-1, 226-pound receiver at training camp practices, something he’s looking forward to doing this summer. He has never gone up against Brown, but the Pro Bowl corner knows he’s going to be tough to guard from watching the tape. The best comparison Slay had was Calvin Johnson, his former teammate in Detroit. "I ain’t never played against him [Brown] but I been watching his film,” Slay said of Brown. "He’s aggressive, finishes through catches, runs through tackles. He’s like a running back when he gets the ball in his hands, makes all the contested catches. People kind of look at him like he’s big and slow but on film I ain’t never seen him get ran down yet.” https://heavy.com/sports/philadelphia-eagles/darius-slay-on-marcus-epps/
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