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Zach Ertz introduces coaching and mentoring program


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Zach Ertz introduces coaching and mentoring program

 Zach Ertz has created a program where he’ll virtually coach and mentor a select number of high school or college football players 1-on-1 in exchange for various acts of service.

Ertz, the Eagles’ three-time Pro Bowl tight end, is calling the program Team Protege, and he introduced it Saturday on social media.

"I sat in on a Stanford business school class this offseason and being in that environment again pushed me to think outside of the box and how I could give back during this unprecedented time,” Ertz said. "I was taking the class over Zoom so why couldn’t I be the one teaching kids through an online platform, so I developed Team Protege.”

Ertz said the coaching relationship he shared in high school with three-time 49ers all-pro tight end Brent Jones was part of his inspiration.

Seven years ago, I wrote about that relationship

The program is free for the student athletes. All that is required is what Ertz is calling a service challenge.

The initial one?

"It’s going to be writing a letter of appreciation to a loved one telling them how much you appreciate them, how much you love them,” Ertz said in a video he shared on social media. "Give it to that person and film their reaction, and post that on your social media, and let’s try to bring some hope to people right now. That’s all I’m asking and I will watch your guys’ film from there.”

Student athletes who are interested can begin the process here.


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