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Eagles’ Davion Taylor compares himself to pair of standout NFC South linebackers | Q&A with rookie draft pick


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Eagles’ Davion Taylor compares himself to pair of standout NFC South linebackers | Q&A with rookie draft pick


Davion Taylor isn’t your typical NFL linebacker.

The Eagles’ third-round pick is only 6-foot-0 and 228 pounds. He can cover slot receivers, and he is faster than several of the league’s cornerbacks, including his new teammate, Rasul Douglas.

Taylor, 21, is a hybrid player that most draft pundits deemed as a project during the selection process.

With raw tools and unique athletic upside, Taylor’s potential appealed to the Eagles, who prefer linebackers with safety skills. While he may begin his career as a special teams standout, Taylor and the Eagles have big plans for his future on defense.

NJ Advance Media recently spoke with Taylor about his college career, his NFL comparisons, the unusual offseason and more.

Here’s our interview with the Eagles’ third-round pick:

NJ Advance Media: At Colorado, you were out there covering running backs and slot receivers in basically the STAR linebacker position. How much do you think that helped your instincts in coverage and in space?

"So much, because a lot of the times during the week I was practicing with the (defensive backs) and I think that helped a lot with my coverage on tight ends and running backs and on slot receivers. Just being able to practice open-field tackling every single day, Coach (Mel Tucker) made sure we did that every day. And doing those things helped me become a better linebacker because I feel like a linebacker who can stop the run and cover is a great linebacker.”

Do you feel like you have a better feel for the field because you’ve been sort of a hybrid player at the college level?

"Yes sir, I do. Just because when I do study film, I study all positions. I feel like when I was at my (Division I) program in college, by me learning both of those positions, it just taught me how to use my versatility, which I tried to use on and off the field.”

Is there a player you grew up emulating at the linebacker position?

"To be honest, no there is not, because I didn’t grow up watching football. I didn’t start liking football until junior high, and even then, I wasn’t really watching the game. I didn’t start watching it until college, and then when I did, there were certain linebackers that I would compare myself to, like (2017 Pro Bowl linebacker) Deion Jones from the Falcons, and I also like (2019 first-team All-Pro) Demario Davis from the Saints. But those are just two linebackers that I did look up to while I was in college.

"I think we definitely compare, especially when it comes to Deion Jones from Atlanta, because we are both versatile players who can cover tight ends and running backs, and we can both stop the run. With Demario Davis, he’s such an aggressive player, and I feel like I’m very aggressive on the field, and when I make it to Philly, I just want to be even more aggressive and ultimately become better than both of them.”

Is the goal for you to eventually play middle linebacker or would you just prefer to just be out in space?

"To be honest, I just want to do whatever the coaches want me to do. I’m just glad to be in this position. I just want to play. I just want to make the roster, even if it’s on special teams, and just (eventually) get into a starting spot. I feel like wherever they put me at, that’s where I’m going to make myself comfortable, at any spot.”

What did you learn about linebackers coach Ken Flajole during the virtual offseason program?

"One thing I was asking for in a linebackers coach is patience, and that is one thing he has had with us rookies. He knows it’s a different type of style this year when it comes to learning the playbook. We didn’t have a rookie minicamp or anything like that.

"He would ask us if we needed him to go over something again. With him just having patience, I’m just so grateful because I needed that in a linebackers coach. There’s so much to learn, and I still have a long way to go and having that patience and spending that extra time with us, just helps me a lot.”

How have you been able to stay focused and in shape away from the facility this offseason?

"Where I stay in Magnolia, Miss., it’s a small town. I had access – even when the pandemic did hit early on this year – I still had a place to work out at. I still go to my high school and the strength and conditioning coach gave me the key to the weight room. I (also) had access to the field, so there really wasn’t a lot of changes in my workout or what I had to do to prepare.

"Last month, I went out to Colorado to train for a good month, so I’ve been getting in the good training that I’m supposed to be getting. With the playbook, I just have to spend more time in it because I’m more of a ‘learn on the field’ type person, but I know I can’t do this right now because we can’t be in Philly. So, it’s more just spending extra, extra time learning what I do and mental reps and just taking a lot of those.”

We are a couple of weeks away from the start of training camp in Philadelphia. What are you most looking forward to?

"To be honest, the practices. I’ve been itching to get back onto the field, and I feel like I’m learning the playbook and just starting to run through plays. I just want to get on the practice field and get to know my brothers even more and just hopefully get to the Super Bowl this year.”


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I agree. The talk has been talked...the walk awaits.

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