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Eagles Question of the Day: What is the one barometer of success for the 2020 season?


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Eagles Question of the Day: What is the one barometer of success for the 2020 season?



Super Bowl or bust? Settling for anything less?

To say the upcoming NFL season is going to be different is an incredible understatement. Aside from all the changes leading up to the regular season — virtual offseason, modified training camp, zero preseason games — the Eagles are also expected to play their home games without any fans in The Linc.


Home field advantage is real, and the Eagles are one team that can absolutely prove that with the loud and rowdy fans that push them through four quarters against even the toughest opponent.

We also have to expect that unless the pandemic gets under control in the next two months, that the team could see several players on IR for a few weeks due to COVID, rather than a physical injury. Something that would absolutely affect the chemistry on the field and put more pressure on the "next man up” at nearly every position.

With so many unknowns, and a season like we’ve never seen, it’s hard to figure out what the barometer for success will be. I’m choosing to go into the season as a great learning opportunity for the many young players on Philadelphia’s roster.

If the Eagles come out of the season with 2-3 of their 2020 NFL Draft picks getting enough snaps and experience to make it into the starting lineup, I will consider the year a success.


I have to say I really don't know which way this season is going to go. There are so many different factors that are going to play a part. 

On the one hand having the same HC, same DC and same core of experienced players may really benefit this team. Certainly in a division with all our rivals having new HCs that's an advantage. 

But the home field advantage stuff is very real with this team. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them really struggle at home actually. 

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7 minutes ago, PoconoDon said:

What they're saying: It's Super Bowl or bust for the Eagles in ...

This and only this. I feel we have a SB team. Just gotta stay healthy. 

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We're coming off back-to-back-to-back seasons ending in the playoffs.  It isn't as though we are the Giants or Jets that finished as one of the worst teams over that span and would probably be thrilled to just make the postseason.  The obvious answer is in the 1st response in this thread by one supremely wise individual.  

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