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I stumbled across this show while looking for a new show to binge or at least get into enough.  Thing is, it's a Norwegian show so has English subtitles, but I don't mind that as long as something is entertaining and has good characters and a solid story to follow.  The premise is that one day in current time there are suddenly flashes of light in the ocean and people from other times show up like they've come through a time portal.  For some reason the only eras where these people come from are the Stone Age, the Viking Era and the 1800s where most of the people are Bohemian.  Once it starts it keeps happening so every year there are about 13K 'beforeigners' that show up in present day and have to be assimilated into society.  The Bohemians still like to dress in clothes from their era.  Some of the Stone Agers fit it better while others still live in the forest and hunt or live in the streets and scavenge for food.  

The main story is about the murder of a female beforeigner and the case falls to the officer who was the first on the scene when the first beforeingers arrived.  Seems he's not had a good few years since and is struggling to keep it together.  He is partnered with the police's first Viking officer, a female who was shieldmaiden in her previous time.  It's funny how some of them adjust to 21st century life and are using mobile devices and the internet in just a few years since arriving, yet they also maintain a lot of their behaviours from their own time.  There's some really funny interactions when characters clash due to their differences of the eras they come from.  For instance, in one scene, the two main characters are about to look over some videos for evidence knowing it's going to take a while to find a clue so the Viking female officer brings out a big hoagie-like sandwich and rips it in half and offers the other half to the male officer who asks her if it has gluten in it.  She's like "What the hell is gluten?" to which he tells her it's something in the bread that can make him sick and she doesn't fully understand so they go back and forth with him trying to explain (unsuccessfully since he fails to properly explain the science behind it) until she says "You call me superstitious and yet you won't eat the bread because you think there's an evil spirit in it that will hurt you?".  It's loads funnier to watch it.

Overall it's a good show with an interesting story and I like where it's going so far.  I'm about 6 episodes in and looking forward to seeing how this plays out.  


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