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K'Von Wallace walked into the NovaCare Complex and was blown away


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K'Von Wallace walked into the NovaCare Complex and was blown away


K’Von Wallace grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant, inspired by Kobe Bryant, obsessed with Kobe Bryant.


So when he walked into the NovaCare Complex the other day and saw the new Kobe Bryant Wall … well, you can imagine how cool that was for him.

"That was awesome,” the Eagles’ rookie safety said. "It’s very, very inspiring. It’s right by the weight room so it’s giving me an extra motivation to be great because that’s all Kobe was and that’s all he wanted everybody around him to be, and that’s just always motivated me to compete and push.”

According to a story on the Eagles' website, the Kobe Wall was the brainchild of Eagles vice president of football operations and compliance Jon Ferrari and vice president of equipment operations Greg Delimitros, who were looking for a way to honor the late Lower Merion native.

With the approval of head coach Doug Pederson and general manager Howie Roseman, they created the Kobe Wall, which lists Kobe’s 10 Rules, including things like, "LEARN FROM GREATNESS,” "BE AMBITIOUS,” and "PROVE THEM WRONG.”

The wall is in the hallway leading to the locker room from the practice fields and meeting rooms.

"He played a whole different sport than I play, but I was always attracted to his competitiveness, his hunger and his grind,” Wallace said. "The work he put in was immaculate and everything that he did for basketball I try to articulate into a football standpoint as far as just working hard, being great but also bringing others along to be great with you.”

Wallace grew up in Highland Springs, Va., and attended Clemson. The Eagles selected him in the 4th round of this year’s draft.

He said he’s more than just a fan of Bryant, he’s also tried to model his leadership style after Bryant.

"He’s been on a lot of championship teams with a lot of great players, but he knew that there were a lot of guys that are role plays that are important as well, and that’s how when I was at Clemson I did the same thing as far as my leadership, making sure the scout team giving us the best look or making sure the scout team quarterback is throwing the most perfect ball to the receiver and not just giving it to the DB’s just because,” he said.

"Just little things like that to make us better and make the overall team better, I take that from his game and applied it to mine. I was a big, big Kobe fan and a big Lakers fan and it was just great to see his words on the (NovaCare Complex) wall.”


Let's hope he can be inspired and become a long term safety for this team. 

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