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John Hightower patterns his game after 1 particular NFL star receiver


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John Hightower patterns his game after 1 particular NFL star receiver

 If there’s one NFL receiver Eagles 5th-round pick John Hightower patterns his game after it’s Stefon Diggs. 

Throughout the last few months, I’ve heard Hightower say that several times, both before and after he got drafted. But on a Zoom call last week, I got a chance to ask Hightower a question. 

Why Diggs? 

"Stefon Diggs’ routes are phenomenal,” Hightower said. "He makes great cuts, he catches the ball very well. He’s an intelligent player.” 

Fair enough. 

While Diggs has never been a Pro Bowler, he has become one of the best and most consistent receivers in the NFL, known for his route-running and technique. 

Like Hightower, Diggs was a 5th-round pick. Diggs came out of Maryland in the 5th round in 2015, made an immediate impact as a rookie and put together five really impressive seasons in Minnesota before getting traded to the Bills this offseason. 

Take a look at the comparison between Diggs coming out in 2015 and Hightower this season: 



Aside from their physical similarities and getting drafted in the same round, Hightower and Diggs both grew up in the same area, in the DMV.

Diggs is from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and went to Our Lady of Good Counsel and Hightower is from Landover and went to Riverdale Baptist. 

"It’s really good to see that,” Hightower said of watching a guy from his area make it the way Diggs has. "Obviously someone from the area making it to the place the Stefon Diggs made it to. Pretty much growing up everybody knew Stefon Diggs was going to be who he is today. It was great to see him from high school to college and then now in the league to still do what he’s been doing.”

Hightower hopes to continue following Diggs’ path.


As a fifth round pick if he can be half the player that Diggs so far has then we should be really pleased with that pick. 

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I'm hoping for the best with Hightower, I think he has the ability to carve out a role in the NFL and the sky is the limit.  My only downside with him (right now) is that he's already 24 years old.  I hate "old" rookies...Diggs has been in the NFL for 5 years and is still only 2 years older than Hightower.

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