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Top 3 Eagles Players That Became Eagles Coaches


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So this is yet another countdown discussing 3 examples of players on the Eagles that became coaches for the Eagles. I understand this is rare, but what is your favorite situation where an Eagles player became an Eagles head coach or assistant coach or more commonly, what if your favorite former NFL player that became an Eagles coach? 

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1 hour ago, Bwestbrook36 said:

Doug Pederson /list

Yep. Pretty much. 

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Extremely limited by saying Eagles player who became a Eagles coach. This is not done very offen untll recent years.  Why not Eagles player who became a coach for any team? List would be more interesting. 

John Madden and Mike Ditka just to name a few. 


Now if we have to stick with Eagles player to Eagles coach its too easy to name Duce and Doug. 

Chuck Bednarik(adviser only under Dick Vermeil)

Brian Dawkins(FO but helped coach)

Marion Campbell

Mike Caldwell

Mike Zordich

Pete Retzlaff( some GM love in there)

Bert Bell :)



Now you want a crazy list? Eagles asst coaches who became Head coaches in the NFL. That list is surprisingly some major names

Bill Walsh, Tom Couglin, Ron Riveria, Jeff Fisher, John Harbaugh, Dick Lebeau, Wade Phillips, Bud Carson, Jon Gruden, Sean Payton just to name a few. 

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