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Carson Wentz talks Jalen Reagor, Eagles’ young wide receivers


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Carson Wentz talks Jalen Reagor, Eagles’ young wide receivers


Plus, the QB addresses his "dad bod”.

Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz spoke to the media following the team’s first padded practice on Monday, and gave some insight into the young wide receivers, the tight end position, and where he’s at physically.


Here’s what the quarterback had to say:

On the offseason and young WRs

"We have a handful of younger guys, especially at the receiver position, and just trying to not only get better personally, but to make everyone around me better. And, that’s more than just physical things on the field; that’s the mental side of things and understanding the why’s behind why we do things, or how we run certain routes or concepts. Just try and make sure everyone is on the same page, so that they can think, and react, and respond the same way I see certain plays, and certain things.”

That’s been the fun part for Wentz since they’ve been limited this offseason with on-field time.

Later, Wentz was asked how far behind the young receivers are without the typical offseason. He didn’t mince words and said that there’s no making up for the lost reps from the spring, and emphasized how important that time is. But, he has seen a willingness and desire to learn, and to learn quick. The QB has been "thoroughly impressed” with this group.

"I like what I see out of all those guys.”

On Jalen Reagor

"He’s an explosive athlete. You can see that with his route-running ability and his down-the-field presence. You turn on his highlight tape, you see what he does with the ball in his hands. But, that’s one thing we haven’t been able to see with just practice going on, nothing live.

I know what he brings as a threat to the defense, and I know he’s really picked up on things really well, and he’s always listening, always curious about why we’re doing things a certain way, or how I saw a certain play. That’s the type of thing I look for as a veteran, to look for these young guys that truly want to learn, they want to grow, they want to be great, and I see that in him. I see an extremely bright future for him, and I’m excited to help him become the player that he dreams of being.”

On the tight end position

Wentz said that both Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert are studs when asked about how he spreads the ball around to two talented TEs.

"Obviously, Ertz’s track record — pretty impressive what he’s been able to do year-after-year. Love that guy to death, and, I mean, he’s always open.

Dallas brings a unique skillset, as well, and he’s a stud in his own right.”

The QB agreed that they can get a lot done with both of them on the field, and they create great mismatches.

He isn’t worried about keeping them both happy with targets. Wentz said that both Ertz and Goedert just want to win, so they aren’t worried week-to-week about who is getting more balls. This is a mindset, he noted, that goes for the whole offense — if they’re winning, they’re happy.

On the running backs

Wentz called having so many receiving backs "a luxury” and gives the offense a better ability to take advantage of mismatches.

On Miles Sanders specifically, the QB said that the second-year rusher is primed for a big jump from Year 1 and Year 2. He mentioned Sanders’ ability to mentally process everything and how he sees the game is completely different than last season.

He also predicted that they’ll see a lot more zone defense this season because of what Sanders can do.

Other notables

  • Wentz said that Alshon Jeffery has been great behind the scenes and interacting with the team and the young guys. The QB expects the same Jeffery once he’s able to get back onto the field, he’s a tough guy to cover and someone who is more likely than not coming down with a contested ball.
  • He confirmed that he’s about about 250 pounds right now and he feels good and strong. Wentz said it was nice having an offseason that he could just focus on strength and conditioning, and push himself in the weight room.


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