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Eagles' speedy Adrian Killins blazing a unique path


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Eagles' speedy Adrian Killins blazing a unique path

 Corey Clement caught just 29 passes his entire college career. Boston Scott and Miles Sanders each caught just 32. 

We’ve seen what kind of NFL receivers they all are.

Which brings us to Adrian Killins.

The speedy undrafted rookie caught just eight passes last year at Central Florida, but that hasn’t stopped the Eagles from working him extensively in the passing game in training camp.

I have something that a lot of guys don’t have, and I also have something that you can’t teach, and that’s speed,” Killins said Wednesday. "No matter if it’s Pop Warner, high school, college, NFL, every team wants speed on their team because it (creates) mismatches. And if you get that guy in space if you have speed, you can take it the distance.

Killins is only 5-8, 160 pounds, but he runs a 4.39 and the Eagles are trying to find ways to incorporate that speed in the offense.

He would still fall into the "project" category.

But he's one intriguing project.

"Coming here and getting into the receiver room and learning different aspects of receiver has been awesome,” he said. "As a pass catcher, I definitely fit in the slot, as one of those gadget guys. Just get me out in space and just get me on matchups with guys on the opposing team. But I’m very confident in my hands, very confident in my route running. There’s always room for improvement in my hands and my route running, and just the knowledge of the game. But this is the NFL. It’s a different level from college and high school, so you’ve got a bunch of different rotations of safeties, and blitzes and whatnot, so I’m learning each and every day just how to be a slot receiver and just a receiver in general because I want to be available to do it all here, so I can help this team win games.”

Killins did catch as many as 25 passes as a sophomore at UCF and caught four TD passes as a junior.

Then, at the East-West Shrine Game in St. Petersburg, Fla., he was the game’s leading receiver, with 7-for-92, including a 37-yarder. 

So the numbers might not have always been there, but Killins clearly has receiving ability.

"I've been impressed from the standpoint of his knowledge and understanding,” Doug Pederson said. "We've made him a running back. We've made him a receiver. We've put him in some tough situations. He's handled it extremely well, and he does a nice job in that receiving role out of the backfield.”

Killins had 3,323 scrimmage yards and 33 touchdowns and another 1,025 yards and a TD as a kick returner playing for a program that went 35-4 in his three years as a major contributor.

Maybe he’s the next Donnel Pumphrey. Maybe not.

"Learning running back and slot receiver is tough,” Killins said. "But the more I’m available to do for this organization the more I’ll be able to get on the field.”

This offseason was all about speed for the Eagles, and Killins fits right in there with John Hightower, Quez Watkins and Jalen Reagor.

"I didn’t play much receiver in college or high school,” he said. "So (I’m just) watching the vets do what they do day in and day out and taking those tools and putting them in my belt and using them so I can be a dynamic player for the Philadelphia Eagles.”

Killins was not going to make the team as a pure running back. And he wasn’t going to make it as a wide receiver.

But as a little bit of both? He’s got a shot.


I just don't see him making this roster. Perhaps the PS but I just think at 160 as a gadget type player? I'm not sure he's making it in the NFL. 

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19 hours ago, time2rock said:

Well he did blaze his way to a spot on the practice squad!  😬

Flash Running GIFs | Tenor

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7 hours ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

Please remove this fake flash! 😁

He's one of the kids, so kid flash seemed appropriate.

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5 hours ago, PoconoDon said:

He's one of the kids, so kid flash seemed appropriate.

Kid flash, that kid flash... Is never appropriate. 


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this article was about as useful as Lorenzo Booker's blog on PE.com back in the day

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