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Possible Viking L.T. could become available


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I'm not sure how the numbers would work but I'm concerned about J.P.'s availability. I saw someplace (BGN?) that Peters played around 75% of snaps when not out with a significant injury.





Vikings could release starting left tackle with connections to the Eagles

Andre Dillard replacement?

The Philadelphia Eagles should probably just pay Jason Peters to play left tackle for them but they might soon have another alternative coming down the pipeline.

Minnesota Vikings starting left tackle Riley Reiff has told his teammates he expects to be released, according to a report from Pro Football Talk.

Reiff was reportedly given until Tuesday to decide to accept a restructured deal. The Vikings are looking to clear cap space after acquiring premier pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue from the Jacksonville Jaguars over the weekend. With Reiff potentially rebuffing the Vikings’ request, the team can release him to clear $11 million.

Of course, it’s pretty unusual to see a team willing to cut their primary blindside protector with less than two weeks until Week 1. But the Vikings are apparently comfortable with the progress second-year player Oli Udoh has made in order to move Brian O’Neill from right tackle to the left side.

It’s not like Reiff is some truly amazing talent; Pro Football Focus had him graded 26th out of 61 offensive tackles that played at least 50% of their team’s snaps in 2019. But a team could clearly do worse.

And that brings us back to the Eagles, who are most certainly doing worse at left tackle starting now. With Andre Dillard out for the season, the team is lining up Matt Pryor at left tackle in practice and he’s getting whooped out there. Jordan Mailata might be worth a look instead but the guy who’s never played in a real NFL game and has been dominated by Joe Ostman in practice might not be the best bet to protect Carson Wentz. Rookie Jack Driscoll has only really been working on the right side; he hasn’t played left tackle since being a true freshman at UMass in 2016. Fellow rookie Prince Tega Wanogho didn’t even get mentioned by Doug Pederson as a potential Dillard replacement.

Again, the Eagles could merely pay Peters more to move back to left tackle. But maybe they want to keep him at right guard and bring in the younger and more durable Reiff instead. Reiff has made 117 starts and only missed eight games in eight total seasons played.

It’s not the craziest thought considering Reiff has some connections to the Eagles’ current coaching staff and front office. The Detroit Lions selected Reiff with the No. 23 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft when Jim Schwartz was still head coach there. Reiff logged 55 starts in 63 games played under former Lions offensive line coach and current Eagles director of player personnel/senior defensive assistant Jeremiah Washburn.

It remains to be seen what it would cost to sign Reiff, who currently checks in with the 15th highest annual value at left tackle. It’s not like the NFL is exactly loaded with offensive tackle talent so there could be a competitive market to sign him. And while the Eagles do have about $23.5 million in cap space to work with right now, they’re counting on carrying most of that over to next year since they’re currently projected to be $51.3 million OVER the cap in 2021.

Then again, it’s not like signing Reiff would be a luxury purchase. Really poor left tackle play could sink the Eagles’ 2020 season and get Wentz seriously hurt. The Birds might just have to bite the bullet.




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The problem with signing Reiff is that he is slowing down (he allowed six sacks last year, twice as many as he did the previous two years) and will be very expensive (he's already refused to lower his $11 million base salary for this season.)

We paid Peters $6 million last year, and I doubt he wants any more this year. His contract has $3 million in salary and $3 million in  bonuses, most of which are bs, so he probably just wants that bonus money guaranteed, which isn't unreasonable. And he is a lot better than Reiff.

Some people have called his demands unreasonable, but if all it takes for him to move is changing his contract, I don't see the big deal here. The team has agreed to pay him $6 million if certain conditions are met. He has indicated he is fine with playing guard under the conditions of his contract. Now that circumstances have changed, the team wants him to be flexible. It seems like a perfectly legit stance by him to ask them to be flexible as well.

And teams alter contracts all the time. So it's not like it would set some unique precedent. 

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It would probably take a pretty hefty amount to sign Reiff.  At that point you are likely giving up on Dillard (unless Reiff's contract could be structured in a way that they can get out somewhat easily in a year or two).  

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Man, we're gonna get Carson killed out there (again!)  Why the heck do we always seem to have such problems with keeping lineman healthy?

Also, I'm getting tired of JP. First it was watching him help Clowney get off the field when he speared Carson in the head.  Now he wants more money to play a different position?  Dude, you were out there as a free agent for a long time and nobody wanted to sign you to that mega-deal you thought you were gonna get. Go out and do your job, go play football at whatever position you are asked to play.  Not in the best interest of the team, but I would not be opposed to moving on.  Seriously.  


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To keep Carson upright, this will have to be a dink and dunk offense again, quick releases, lots of runs and so forth.

Because we will probably end up with Pryor out there anyway, even if JP starts, so we might as well retool the offense from the get go.

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