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History Channel "The Curse of Oak Island" and other Treasure hunting shows

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If SD makes it over here and wants to start this thread, I'll delete this one and he can start a new one.

On 12/26/2013 at 1:43 PM, SD_Eagle said:

Been intrigued by this story ever since I read about it. Always hoped someone would step forward to see what is buried on Oak Island. They're a little vague in the promotion of this show on the History channel, I'm hoping this is a documentary of the brothers trying to solve the mystery rather than another stupid fake documentary like the one they did about mermaids.

Show premiers January 5th, here's the trailer:


Little history on Oak Island



Season finale is next Tuesday. Looks like they found a tunnel on the Bell property. Interesting stuff, but still can't find One Eyed Willie's Rich Stuff. 

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I don't care what people say, but this season has been awesome and they definitely found the original Money Pit location. 

Between that and the scientific evidence that the swamp is only a few hundred years old definitely lead me to believe that there was a military operation to hide something on the island 

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Interesting stuff this season. I'm sorry to see it end, I was hoping to see it go at least into mid-May. The finding that the Swamp dates to a man-made date in the 1100's to 1200's is interesting. 

I think they'd probably be getting ready to go to the Island for their 2020 season, about right now. But with this pandemic, I don't see that happening. 

Their find of the $2 coin was also pretty interesting. I can't imagine them doing some of those 'big dig' ideas though. Not unless this TV series is really going a long way toward funding their operations. You can't spend tens of millions of dollars if there's only a 20% chance of finding One Eyed Willie's Rich Stuff, and as great as 're-writing' history is, that's not enough of a 'pay off' for that much money spent. 

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Has anyone been watching "Lost Gold of World War II"?

This one has a more plausible expectation of actually finding something, though I doubt they will. But it is known that the Japanese in WWII did plunder and stash gold and other valuables. So there is that possibility that they could stumble upon something. 

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7 hours ago, HazletonEagle said:

rumor has it Kirstie Allie had just figured what is on Oak Island and where exactly to find it.

And the legend continues. 

Well they must've found the treasure then. According to the legend one more person has to die before the treasure is found

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