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ESPN’s Mike Greenberg crushes Eagles’ Carson Wentz, calling him 'the worst quarterback in the NFL’


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ESPN’s Mike Greenberg crushes Eagles’ Carson Wentz, calling him 'the worst quarterback in the NFL’

 A new week means a new target for

 ESPN’s Mike Greenberg.

Last week, Greenberg used his morning show "Get Up!” to rip the New York Jets and head coach Adam Gase.

This week, Greenberg turned his attention to the Philadelphia Eagles, who are one of 11 teams to start the season 0-2. And Greenberg is pointing a finger at one person for the Eagles' problems.

Through two weeks of this season, who has been the worst quarterback in the NFL? Well, a pretty compelling case could be made that the answer is Carson Wentz. No one has thrown more interceptions. No one has been sacked more times. And no one has made more off-target throws. Since his team was up 17-0 on Washington, the Eagles have scored touchdowns on two of 21 drives.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. "It’s the banged-up offensive line!” Guess what? You’re wrong! Our analytics actually have the Eagles fifth in the league in pass protection. The problem has actually been the internal clock and decision-making. Week 1, Wentz took eight sacks and threw the ball away zero times. Of his 20 off-target throws this year, 15 have come from a clean pocket. This cannot be described as other peoples' fault.

The truth is this: in 2017, Wentz was an MVP front-runner before he got hurt, on a team so good it won the Super Bowl without him, beating Tom Brady in a game in which Brady threw for 500 yards and his team didn’t punt.

The following year, Wentz was 5-6 when he got hurt again. Nick Foles finished 4-1 and beat the No. 1 defense in the league in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the numbers say that since then, Wentz has been an average quarterback. Since that first injury, the Eagles are 14-15 in his starts, they scored 23 points a game, which is exactly the league average, and his QBR is 59.9. Exactly the same as Jameis Winston’s.

Right now, his team is winless, the drafted a quarterback in the second round and they booed off the field Sunday in a game with no fans. They get the Bengals this week and what suddenly feels a little bit like a crossroads, if the Eagles end up on the wrong side of this, figure their city to be an awfully tough place to find any brotherly love.


It's damming but it's hard to argue against to be fair...

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