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Estimated draft timing


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This comes up every year I think, but hey let's keep tradition going.

When do we think the earliest estimate is for when the Eagles will pick? I mean what time not what pick. So if it's pick 13 - what time would that be (EST)? 10 minutes between picks is the max I believe, and there seems to be a lag (though maybe not this year since there is not as much pomp and circumstance) but also some teams may pick before the 10 minute mark.

So it's a two-pronged question of how far up the Eagles are realistically going to trade up, and when that pick actually will be.

We could make this a contest and see who gets closest... but I'm not going to lie, I'm doing this to get your help in deciding how early in the middle of the night I need to get up in order to watch the draft and have it be Eagles-relevant lol.


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