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Arch Manning


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On 10/3/2020 at 9:31 AM, DeathByEagle said:

Screw it lets draft him in 2021. We might have to wait a little bit but why risk it? QB factory baby, The GOLD standard

You only hold player rights for 1 year after draft - and considering a player has to be 3 years removed from High School to enter the draft and he has to "enter" the draft to be draft eligible - well, I know you weren't really serious but you see the problem with your whimsical suggestion right?

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9 hours ago, Wentz_Era said:

Funny enough, the 4 Manning brother's SB wins were entirely on the defense every game.  They were both pretty horrible in them.

Peyton wasn't horrible in is first one considering the nasty weather conditions

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