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Hi Dave,

Now that we’ve moved to a board that isn’t owned by the New Englander signing your checks, I was hoping you would answer a burning question from the fan base.  I know you will have to disclose the actual identity of a poster to answer this question, but Mr. Lurie will never know, so here goes:  Was Coach actually Jim Schwartz?  They both seemed to use a lot of the same logic and their syntax seemed to really match.  It was almost uncanny.  I heard that one of the reasons the DE’s had trouble getting to the QB in his scheme was that when Schwartz was referring to DE he actually meant the entire defense, not just DE’s and it had our DE’s head’s spinning. And this bore a striking and confusing resemblance that cannot be overlooked.  


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10 hours ago, "Dave Spadaro" said:

Are you referring to the smash hit TV series that ran from February 28, 1989 to May 14, 1997?

I think the poster I am referring to had the screen name of Coach5

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