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Ok, know it’s been discussed a lot here likely. I’ve been off the boards for years til today & had to make a new acct, but have been a fan since Jaws & Plunkett SB XV . Get that outa the way. 

LB’s have been low priority for a while, get that. 

I was horrified last night for a spell, maybe longer than that. Singleton stepped up. Nebraska boy converted safety to LB who’s supposed to cover is a bit dazed & confused. Riley, great heart but ST’s is his game & he’s great at that.

Time to roll out Taylor and Bradley on either side of Singleton and run it. Only difference from Roob’s comment is Taylor in now, Duke out now...not in a couple weeks. Taylor hurt or something?

Carson’s found some grit again along with some protection. Hurts dropped a snap again, but that play last night on the option bootleg whatever..for about 1.5 secs he had a clear run lane, receivers fairly open, and the defense froze for just a sec....I tingled.

I’m fine going "small” behind Sanders at RB. However, Clement is not our "Big Back” / "Receiving Back” / "Change of Pace Back”....anything back anymore. Missed on a legit #2 RB this offseason. Where’s the big kid from Cincy, practice squad?  

Fulgham was a nice surprise, do it again. Hightower & Ward are set. When do we see Butler? Thought the "TE” conversion line might be smokescreen from Doug to get a matchup when they line him out wide.



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On 10/9/2020 at 11:27 AM, Talonblood said:

Nice job! You also reminded of me about a player who has worn out his welcome in my book- Cory "I am taking up a roster spot" Clement. There's the door, thanks for the memories. 😁

For sure, he’s not a big back, receiving back, or back up. Just isn’t looking g the same.

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