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New EMB Guidelines


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Since the new EMB was created, many have wondered what we can "get away with" now that we're not associated with the official Eagles site.  We've also had questions about etiquette, rules, how to handle trolls or annoying posters, the report function, etc.  So we want to address some guidelines.   

We are all thankful to have a new home here; we want to continue a strong community with good ongoing discussions.  Our goal was to run things just like the old EMB as much as possible.  Below is a list of guidelines, not necessarily rules.  The moderating team may make subjective calls.  There also may be history with certain posters so while it seems to you someone was suspended for something minor, or someone else did something similar in another forum you may not know the history.  We also allowed some posters here who were banned from the old EMB with the understanding they’d be on a short leash.  

  1. Use existing topics instead of creating duplicates.  Use the appropriate forum.  If you just want to vent or be crazy start it in Rant & Rave.
  2. Politics belong in CVON; however there are sports-related political topics such as COVID affecting teams, national anthem or sports teams discussing racial justice.  Use your judgment and don't get off topic.   
  3. Do not harass other posters or engage in personal attacks.  If someone replies that you've gone too far, back off or they may report you.    
  4. If someone is bothering you: either don't reply, put them on ignore or tell them to stop.  If it continues, report them.  If you put someone on ignore, do not talk about them or instigate.  If you are put on ignore, do not ask others to quote your posts specifically so that person will see your post.  However, naturally you might see posts from someone you have on ignore from normal quoting. 
  5. When you report a post, we’ll review it and take action if necessary.  Sometimes reports do not warrant any action and you may not hear a response.  Trust that we are reviewing them and keeping an eye on repeat offenders.  Overuse of the report function may result in action toward YOU: it’s the internet you also need to have thick skin.
  6. Enter What’s Up (WU) and Conflicting Views and Other News (CVON) at your own risk.  WU is like a bar with people joking around, CVON is going to be divisive and heated at times and you have to be able to stand the heat or get out of the kitchen.  But if things go too far, follow the advice above and report if needed.  
  7. Do not contact VABeach_Eagle about warnings or suspensions, he doesn't handle those he handles the technology.  He realized the system was using his name when sending out standard emails so he’s updated that.  He doesn’t handle any moderation (warnings, suspensions, etc).  Contact a mod if you have a question.  Posting in public attacking the mods: not a good idea, send a pm if you have a legit question.  Post your technical questions in the pinned bug thread in TATE.
  8. Surprise!  We’ve relaxed the filters to allow a couple minor curse words, we’ll let you have fun figuring out which ones.
  9. Pictures should not have nudity or profanity (other than what’s allowed by the filters).  
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