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Djax Hit & Spads Comments Horrible


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We saw the hit, clearly late. Saw the flag.

Heard nothing mentioned in the booth about it being dirty, just "oh, flag there”.

Not just a hit while on ground, but hit & leg roll. I know a special team cheap shot when I see one.

The biggest travesty tho? Spadaro’s comments on the site "Jackson put the ball on ground when he was down, and Kaden Smith, thinking the ball was loose, pounced on Jackson, landing on his leg.”

Utter Gobshite Dave. If he was down, there’s no fumble. If he was down, you don’t hit him. What gives with this gloss over? Surgery, IR? High ankle sprain? No fine for the play? No fight after?


Sorry if I didn’t post the video right, not that we need to see it. 

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