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Howie Roseman shows us his home setup for the 2020 NFL Draft


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Howie Roseman shows us his home setup for the 2020 NFL Draft

Fancy, fancy.

By Alexis Chassen@Lovelybuckeye  Apr 22, 2020, 5:16pm EDT
Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia EaglesPhoto by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman took fans on a tour of his setup for the virtual draft this weekend, complete with a handful of monitors and TVs, a camera from the league for compliance, and his at-home press conference set-up.

Roseman has previously lauded the Eagles’ IT department for giving him and staff all the tools they’ll need to have a successful three days making picks, and there’s no doubt he’s all hooked up. He shows off screens that will be filled with a live draft tracker, his two monitors with his big boards — one offense, one defense —, and one for watching film.

Some things I’d like to draw attention to:

  1. He’ll be ready for his close-up with the fancy lighting for his press conferences.
  2. To complete the vibe, Roseman has his fireplace going, too.

This is VERY cool. @Eagles GM Howie Roseman was just on ESPN and gave an inside look at his #NFLDraft setup in his living room. Howie is dialed in and ready for round one tomorrow. Take a look:

Embedded video
This might be a completely unconventional NFL Draft, but at least the Eagles seem primed for success.


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I hope he has a residential generator for when the power goes out.

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