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Record Setting Night!

Captain F

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So taking a look at the receiving numbers vs a Dallas team that set a record for points allowed the first 6 games...


Fulgham   6 catches, 78 yards, 13.0 average...nice numbers...

Now, everyone else...

Reagor  3 catches, 16 yards, 5.3 average

Goedert  1 catch, 15 yards

Ward  3 catches, 10 yards, 3.3 average

Scott  2 catches, 9 yards, 4.5 average

Clement  1 catch, 4 yards



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*throws on "Gin and Juice" instrumental*

With so much suckage in the NFC

It's kind of hard being from the E-A-S-T

But we, somehow, someway

Keep looking more and more embarrassing like, every single day

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