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Maybe Next Year


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a couple question/concerns 

first, most glaring - why in the world is it still titled "Maybe Next Year?" for a documentary that chronicles the season where the team actually won? Shouldnt this title now be reserved for the Cincinnati Bengals fandom movies or a team that is historically bad and never wins, but it turns out its not about actually winning the SB, its about the ride and the people and all that corny stuff? This fanbase is now no longer apart of that sad sack of losers and woe is us fanbase. So lets please, finally, stop acting like it. If it were a working title, great. Change it though when the team actually wins at the end of filming. But I guess that would take a little creativity.  

Also, how is MNY different than this (below), except the difference in the ending? We already had this "movie"/documentary. I just don't think we needed it again, 15 years later after the team actually won. 



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4 hours ago, wholesale_Melvin said:

I was surprised they brought back Cheryl but not Phil from Mt.  Airy. Phil made the original better. His observation on who the founder for  Dallas, TX was the quote of the movie.


Yes and the we're in the building.  Classic.

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