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Week 10 Open Discussion.


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The Ravens will play at the Pats Sunday Night, but with the downfall of the Pats this season, that game doesn't have the intense feel it used to have in years past.

The Bengals and Steelers could be a fun late game to watch. Tough division battle, and the presence of Joe Burrow has made Cincy a tough out. They've fought in most of their games this season, and even have a nice upset win over Tennessee in recent weeks.

The Bills look to be in for a tough matchup out in the desert. Arizona is usually tough to beat at home, but Buffalo has been playing well most of this season.

Miami has another very winnable game this week as the Chargers come to town. With the Pats on the clear down swing, the AFCE could be a battle between Miami and Buffalo in coming seasons, especially if Tua is the real deal. When is the last time Miami was 2 games over 500 at the halfway point?


Talk about the games you'll be watching.

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2 minutes ago, Mike030270 said:

I was just about to ask if I heard correctly. Wow. Is that a record?

I don't think so. Don't hold me to this, but in 1992, we played a home game against Arizona in which we had a punt in that game from deep in our own territory that went 7 yards if I remember correctly. I know that was the game the Birds stopped AZ, (then still Phoenix) 7 times at the goal line.

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