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Who Needs To Be Canned?

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Trump has left a wake of ill-fitting, inexperienced, and otherwise undeserving people in positions they need to be removed from. These cultists, toadies, and enablers are everywhere and this new administration will have their work cut out for him. 

So who needs to get the boot first? 

My first pick is Robert Redfield. He stood firm on occasion and tried to push back on some of the insanity, but I feel he had opportunity to do far more and ultimately neglected to do everything in his power to save the lives of American citizens. The mixed messaging sowed distrust in an institution that used to be revered globally. And you can basically throw Steve Hahn into the same boat as the FDA grappled with granting EUAs to drugs that didn't deserve it, while botching testing approvals, and also the same poor messaging along the way that again resulted in a lack of trust for an organization that needs it now more than ever.



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Anyone who enabled and/or supported Trump's withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and anyone who didn't push for more extreme intervention in Syria. Those poor Syrians need the freedom that only the US can deliver in the ME. Look at how happy Libyans are after Obama. There's no reason Syrians shouldn't be given equal freedom.

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