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Alternate Versions/Remixes


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That band-only version is on the 25th Anniversary Release of that album.  It also has the string-only version, which is cool in the opposite way.


I'll have to look for them on Youtube, but here's three songs that come to mind that have slightly different versions:


"Bad Religion" by Godsmack: the original album pressing had an intro of some televangelist, going "The word of God is PRAISE from God. [something something something]. Our righteousness is of Him, sayeth the Lord."  Later pressings of the same album had this removed.  Somehow I got one of these early pressings when I bought it back in high school.  I don't even think many people know this pressing exists, because people seem to think there was only one version of the song (when I looked into it in the 2000s).

"Legs" by ZZ Top: the original album version has a synthesizer, but starts right into the song.  The music video version, which is also the version on some Greatest Hits album, has a fade-in of the synthesizers.

"Rock the Casbah": there's the digitized version and undigitized version of that one line, "That crazy casbah jive".  One version is "...that crazy casbah jiiiive", with no digital manipulation.  The version I like is the one with a digital alteration, where it goes "...that crazy casbah ji-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ive".

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