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How to watch the Eagles on MNF: ESPN


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14 hours ago, wrestlevessel said:

Why would you want to watch this blood bath?


That and I’m a fan. Even when they suck I’m still going to watch, so I know what I’m talking about when I start calling for players/coaches to be sent the F out of here. 

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18 hours ago, 700Level4Life said:

Is the game going to be on both channels? I don't have ESPN, and with covid, I don't think anything is open to watch the game. 

See links below where you can always look up how to watch.  Also I've updated the pinned Game Day thread with this info.

17 hours ago, Br3 said:

It usually plays on ESPN/ABC not nbc. It also plays for free on the NFL app and the Yahoo app

Thank you.  I don't see it on ABC's national schedule nor ESPN's gamecast indicating it's also on ABC.

ESPN info

NFL.com info

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