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Week 14 Open Discussion.


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Week 14 sees Jalen Hurts make his first career start. Is a new era upon us, or just a quick flash in the pan. Could be an ugly game regardless.

Cowboys play at Cincy, and the outcome could be good for us either way. Assuming we will eventually lose to the Saints, we can either be tied with the Bengals in the draft order, or Dallas will pass us in the standings with their 4th win.

The Giants currently lead the East, and have a chance to win their 4th or 5th straight when AZ comes to town. Looks like the Giants are in the drivers seat for the east, and Wrestlevessel is losing his mind somewhere.

Jets play at the Hawks, and the Hawks may be a bit pissed after dropping a home game to the Giants. Jets look to be tanking anyway.

The Pack play in Detroit, a venue they often times struggle. Who knows how the new look Lions will be motivated after firing Matt Patricia?

The Steelers come off their first loss of the season and play a pretty hot Bills team. Is this the week KC takes over the 1 seed and never looks back?


Talk about the games you'll be watching.

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I'll be watching the Giants and Cards. Curious if that defense is real or just been lucky lately. They could become a threat once they get their offense working and Barkley back

Bengals could win. Dallas doesn't have a defense. That'd be great if Bengals win their way out of getting Sewell

I thought this week would be Steelers first loss. Maybe their 2nd loss. After the loss to Skins they just don't look as invincible as their record shows

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