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Week 16 Open Discussion.


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Washington can possibly clinch the east today with a win and a Giants loss. The Giants play the Ravens so it is certainly possible.

The Pack can clinch the 1 seed with a win tonight plus a Hawks loss who host the Rams later today.

The Steelers will try to avoid a 4th straight loss after an 11-0 start when they host the Colts today. Steelers are in the playoffs, but not exactly going in hot.

Chiefs clinch HFA with a win over Atlanta. Not so daunting a task there.


Talk about the games you'll be watching.

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6 minutes ago, Mike030270 said:

Only the Jets could ruin the chance at a franchise QB

They tanked for the raiders and then play their arses off to beat the rams the following week.  

i just don’t understand 

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