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Chances of Top 5 Pick

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Eagles currently sit at #6 after the most recent loss to the Cowboys. They can get into the top 5 after next week with a loss to Washington and a win by any of the following:

- Falcons (vs Bucs): this one is most likely possible. We saw what the Falcons were able to do against the Chiefs in a game they probably should have won. This is not a lock by any means.

- Texans (vs Titans): this is a tall task for the Texans but also possible. Their first meeting was in Tennessee and it took Titans an overtime game to win. This time it is in Houston and with the Dolphins holding the Texans 1st rounder, Texans have nothing to gain by losing. They can play spoiler by potentially knocking a division rival out the playoff race (assuming Titans lose to Green Bay tonight)

- Bengals (vs Ravens): this was is near impossible lol. But the Bengals are playing their best football and can also play spoiler by potentially keeping the Ravens out the playoffs.


Trying to be optimistic haha

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The Bengals are currently ahead of the Eagles in draft order by the Strength of Schedule tiebreaker, by one game. This would flip if both the Packers and Saints lose, and Chargers and Dolphins win. If Eagles and Bengals wind up tied by SOS, the next tiebreaker, common games, would put Bengals ahead of the Eagles in the 1st round of the draft.

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