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Mock Draft 2.0 - Top 10 Here we come!


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Trade: Zach Ertz + 4th Rounder 2022 for 3rd rounder 2021

Likely to be some cap casualties so I try to take those into account.


1. Ja'Marr Chase - WR - LSU

This selection speaks for itself. The Eagles will need a miracle for Chase to drop down to them but there is still a great chance. If Chase is gone, I draft Devonta Smith in a heartbeat. Both come in as an immediate starter. Couple that with Fulgham and Reagor and we have a solid (not great) young core of WRs.

2. Jalen Phillips - DE - Miami

My favorite story in this years draft. Former #1 HS player over Chase Young and other had a great comeback story. He has the highest upside of any defensive player in this draft. His draft value is very hard to guess because of his injury history, his production was decent and he only played one full season in college (at Miami). But size and athletic ability are off the charts and he can be a great DE in this league. He can go anywhere from top 10 to bottom of 2nd round but I think he will be a high 2nd given his history. Can be immediate starter or complete for starting job given Graham is likely a cap casualty after this season.

3. Andre Cisco - S - Syracuse

Cisco is an absolute ball hawk. Ball skills are crazy. He will need to improve his tackling ability in the run game. While he can give a big pop, he is not that consistent as a tackler as you want to see. He is also prone to giving up big plays because he is so aggressive in the passing game which leads to him having high INT numbers. He has solid potential but still has a few things to clean up. With McLeod tearing an ACL and likely would have been a cap casuality, Cisco would fill this void. Cisco is a perfect center fielder that the Eagles need for their defense. Eagles are one of the worse teams in creating turnovers, this would positivily impact this department. If Cisco is gone, my second choice here would be Isaiah Palo-Mao the safety from USC. Solid center fielder and good tackler just has some injury concerns.

3. Paulson Adebo - CB - Stanford

Not the biggest fan of Adebo. But he was pretty solid in the Pac 12 at Stanford. He will not wow you with his athleticism or exposiveness. But he has all the tools to be develped into a solid corner in this league. He is a long corner with decent speed. Can play press man and would be solid in this team cover 3 base. Solid tackler which is something we need in this secondary. Can come in and compete for the spot opposite of Slay. That way Maddox can move to the nickel where he should have been all along.

5. Bubba Bolden - S - Miami

Now for my favorite player in this years draft. Let me preface this by saying that he should return for another year to move up to a potential day 1 or day 2 pick but I wouldnt be surprised if he didn't. Bubba Bolden is someone that just gets it down. Played HS ball at the Vegas powerhouse Bishop Gorman, commited to USC and was named the starting safety his sophomore season before he was suspended by the school. He fought the suspension and it was overturned but he decided to move on because the school betrayed him and took away his opportunity. Anyways, goes to Miami and didnt play much in his first season but got the starting spot this season. He is a great tackler and does very well around the LOS. He would be a good replacement for Malcolm Jenkins role the Eagles can fill.

5. Chase Lucas - CB - ASU

Another interesting story with Lucas. HS All-American that gets done-in by his first college coach at ASU. Lucas was a playmaker as soon as he stepped on campus in Tempe. Led the team in INTs in spring ball as a true freshman but the coach Todd Graham redshirted him. His next year, he was expecting to start and again gets shafted by the coaching staff. Near midseason all of the corners got injured so they threw in Chase. A couple months later he was named to the USAToday's Freshman all-american team. No wonder Todd Gramham was later fired. Chase did struggle for the next couple season but he has some upside and will be a good project for this team. Athletically he is there but just need to sure up his technique and he can be a steal. Can come in as an immediate impact player on special teams and can complete for some playing time. 

6. Alec Lindstrom - G/C - Boston College

Lindstrom has done well for himself coming up to this 2020 season. He has the lineage behind him as his father and brother have played in the NFL. This season has hurt his draft stock. He has been struggling but still has some upside. Versitile o-lineman that the Eagles love to draft. Can come in and complete for the center job and provide more depth to the o-line unit.

7. Phildarian Mathis - DT - Alabama

Mathis is a hard worker and rotational player at Alabama. Give some good energy to the 2nd unit Alabama rotates. He can do the same with the Eagles. Add depth and give us some good energy in the 2nd rotation. Not the most productive player but has good size to clog run lanes and collapse the pocket. Major project player.

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My two 5th rounders just announced they are going back to their respective schools for another season. I figured this was going to be the case but sometimes players get antsy. Good for both of them. I except Bolden to be a 1st or 2nd rounder next year and Lucas to improve draft stock to maybe a 3rd rounder.

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4 minutes ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

I love your first 3 picks. Give outmr QB a legit stud playmaker then go defense defense.

I think BG, Barnett and Sweat may be back next year so taking a DE in the second does make a lot of sense. 

My only reservation... Who's going to play opposite Slay?

I think BG is gone personally but it is possible he comes back.

At cornerback, in this situation they may have to fine a cheap vet in FA while Paulson Adebo develops into a solid cornerback. 

I am bias, I am not a fan of any of these corners this year. If the Eagles are bad next year then maybe we are in position to get Stingley from LSU but idk lol

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Me personally I don't like the Ertz trade. If we weren't adding a pick to it would be bearable. I just rather have him play next year. He's going to need to produce if he wants that mega contact. 

I also can't see us not picking an OL in the first 3 or 4 rounds. I do love the first two picks

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