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End of the nightmare 2020 mock


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A bleak fall has turned into a dark winter indeed for our poor Eagles, unfortunately I see more dark days ahead then bright ones. I have doubts the team can win this next game especially when the team wants to use washed up players like Jackson and Jeffrey instead of Fulgham, Watkins or even Hightower. I want to know what we have and see if any chemistry develops, hopefully we get more chances this Sunday. This team ends up with 4-11-1 and gets the 5th pick in the draft.

First I hate to admit but Howie isn't going anywhere, Lurie just isn't going to bail on him quite yet it'll take a lot more IMO before that day comes. However with the hiring of Dorsey I hope there is now a real strong voice in the draft room and scouting process because this is the mans strength and I hope Lurie and Howie get this. 

Second I think Doug and and the FO decide to part ways. Doug is obviously burnt out here in philly and he won't quit, but at the same time I don't see the two sides on the same page anymore and I believe both sides just decide to end the marriage. Only a handful of assistants remain. Lurie will do the search and hiring without the help of Howie this time and he will set clear boundaries between the FO and the coaching staff. The next HC will be given what he needs to build his coaching staff as he sees fit, along with a total revamp of the strength and conditioning staff which has been a total failure now for years really since Kelly left. Bring back sports science a strict diet and monitoring system similar to what he had and thing will start to turn around.

HC - Lincoln Riley - The cutting edge offensive head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners that I believe the Eagles showed interest in last offseason. Lurie has always shown an interest in offensive gurus and this guy certainly fits the bill, the only real exceptions to this philosophy were Rhodes and Pederson who I believe were more motivators and emotional leaders. Lincoln brings with him an explosion offensive system that will translate well to the NFL with its concepts maximizing the talent it has rather forcing players into rolls that goes against their strengths like Doug does now. Coming from the Mike Leach air raid offense we should be able to enjoy watching an offense that can dictate a game again. Lincoln has proven to be a QB whisperer over his career coaching up the likes of Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and of course Jalen Hurts. 

DC - Vic Fangio - Living in Colorado all one can hear is how fed up the Broncos fans are of Elway and Fangio and they want to clean house, sound familiar? Any way for this scenario we'll just say he becomes available and brings his attacking but balanced 4-3 scheme, one that values all positions equally which only makes sense. Any semi capable OC will always identify a weakness and call plays and put their playmakers in position to exploit it. The back seven of the defense minus Slay has been overlooked with true capitol for years and it has shown. I love having a strong defensive line but that simply isn't cutting it anymore. Vic's defenses consistently lead the league in turnovers and points scored off such. He generally puts up top 10 defenses on teams with crappy offenses. IMO he could be to Lincoln Riley what Jim Johnson was to Andy Reid. But to be honest he will have an defense that is need of a complete rebuild over the next 2 years and it won't be easy or fun to watch.

OC - Mike Kafka - Former Eagles QB who was reported to been offered the OC position last year also, but Reid blocked it. I don't believe he will be able to again and Mike comes back home to learn a new concept from a visionary like Lincoln it'll only help his resume and could only be a one year rental for the Eagles. Mike would bring Andy's version of the west coast offense to meld with Lincolns air raid concept which could lead to a dynamic and fun to watch offense that'll keep opposing DC's guessing. The thought of calling screens that work, slants that be taken to the house or a reverse and such that break the ankles of defenders trying react all the while making them respect the run game while fearing the deep route option will be a thing of beauty. Just need a few new pieces to achieve it.

ST - Andy Hill - This unit over the last 3-4 years has gone down hill progressively and in some cases now down right pathetic. Andy comes over with Mike for a chance to run his unit after learning from one of the best and helping to field a top 5 unit in KC. 


1. Jason Kelce OC - He's flirted with retirement and I think he doesn't want to go through another coaching regime and a 2-3 year rebuild, which it will be. He retires on top of his game and will for ever be loved in Eagles nation! 

2. Jason Peter OL - Had all the admiration in the world for this guy up to this year, his actions and attitude killed it for me. Good bye sir!

3. Desean Jackson WR - I think he does the right thing for both himself and philly and hangs up the cleats to allow the Eagles to clear up some future space. The move helps secure his overall positive view from fans and his potential legacy. Doubtful but we can only hope

Cuts: bunched together no need to go into depth about

Jeffrey, Clement, Curry, Mills, JJaw, Avery


1. Brandon Graham DE - He still playing a high level and I believe with his work ethic he can play well for another 2-3 years and in this case will have to. The Eagles need to free up space and the two sides come to a team friendly deal that extends him for 3 years but significantly lowers his cap hit.

2. Fletcher Cox DT - Not quite the beast he was but still a damn good player and baller in most games. The problem is like with Brandon his cap hit is way to high while his play is beginning to decline just a bit each season. He also gets a new 4 year deal that gives him a very fair market deal while also giving the birds a lot space. 

3. Alex Singleton LB - The guy IMO is turning into a good OLB which is amazing since he seemed to just come out of nowhere and I don't think he's a flash in the pan type either this kid has a nose for the ball and is getting better each week. 3 year deal

4. Boston Scott RB - I love his home run potential and if used correctly which he not now could be a a true weapon in this new offense. 3 year deal.

5. Cameron Johnston P - Dude has a boomer of a leg and is worth every penny pinning opponents back. 3 year deal.

6. Richard Rodgers TE - Has arguably outplayed Ertz this season and has earned a chance earn the #2 spot. 2 year deal 

others - Epps, Edwards, Riley, Edwards 


1. & 2. Carson Wentz QB & Zach Ertz TE to the Colts for their 2021 1st(#18) and 2nd(#50) and a conditional 2022 3rd. IMO the damage has been between all parties and it just time to move on. Indy has a nearly complete team and these two additions would instantly improve the teams chances to win a super bowl. The Colts gets two very team friendly deal with the Eagles eating both Ertz's and Wentz's non base salaries so I feel its fair compensation.

3. Malik Jackson DT and a 6th to Oakland for their 4th. Salary dump but needed help for LV's d-line.

4. Derek Barnett DE to the Jets for their 4th. Joe Douglas's pick and even though we've seen flashes he tends to then make bone-headed mistakes. 

Free Agency:

1. Veteran who shakes free from current team for whatever reason. Darnold, Taylor, Fitzpatrick, for cheap. My hope is for Taylor


Trade! Carolina wants their franchise QB and targets Wilson. Give up 9th and 3rd and a 2022 2nd rd.  

1a. Kwity Paye Edge - Freaky athlete with explosive speed that fits the prototypical traits that the Eagles covet in their lineman. Stout against the run and deadly as a rusher he has non stop motor and pursuit. Kwity addresses both a long term and short term need and I believe he would be taken under Graham's wing being a fellow Wolverine and guide the kid right. Has the flexibility to move inside or use his fluidity to drop back in zone which his coaches are going to love, along with his strong work ethic. Future team leader and someone who you build a defense around.

1b. Jaycee Horn CB - The Eagles secondary is in complete shambles and trying to fix it over the years renting overpriced veterans has gotten the team where it is now. Jaycee is the outside corner they've been trying to find for years now and would be a perfect compliment to Slay. Tall, fast and physical he matches up well in press coverage and mirroring up with the X receiver. Less talented then Derion Kendrick but is he far more polished and will be able contribute more quickly and consistently. 

2a. Asante Samuel CB - Playing into the previous pick this is just how bad the secondary needs help. Asante currently is the fans favorite and I'm on board with that too. He would fit in perfectly in the nickel roll or keep him outside for a talented backup and give the Eagles 2/3 of secondary with young talent hope moving forward. Asante is as good as his old man and maybe a bit better in coverage and is just now showing his play making abilities. 

2b. Terrance Marshal Jr. WR - Here's the "X" receiver the team has been looking for to replace Jeffrey with and thought JJAW would be it, Howie was wrong. Terrance has the perfect size, speed and strength to project to the outside something we just don't have now. Can shrug off contact seemingly without fazing him, runs good crisp routes, has reliable hands, uses his body to shield off defenders and best of all he creates separation. Terrance will be a real red-zone threat and become the QB's safe option outside of Goedert moving forward. 

3a. Andre Cisco FS - Continuing the theme from earlier the defense and especially the secondary has been devoid of homegrown talent and a safety for a decade plus and the trends need to change. Andre is the type of centerfield playmaker who has a nose for the ball and can adjust to go under like nobody else. Fast with reported 4.3 speed and amazing fluidity in cone drills with a solid frame for the position. Needs to work on his tackling and impact hits, I don't think he's shy of hitting and wrapping up guys but he needs to improve on it. Andre has late 1st or early 2nd talent but his injury dings his stock and he falls to around here.

3b. Josh Myers IOL - A big center at 6'5 but a extremely athletic monster who's a mauler in the run game and a solid pass protector. A great communicator to Fields and astute at redirecting the line he would be an adequate replacement for Kelce, well on paper at least.

4a. Baron Browning SLB - Another big athletic freak of nature that could move inside but I view him as Bradham v2.0 but with youth and speed. With Taylor with an ACL tear and Singleton as the only decent option at WLB the position is also in dire need of improvement.

4b. Dyami Brown WR - A true home run threat for the Tar-Heels and one my favorite prospects in the draft. Dyami IMO would be true "Z" with his speed and over the shoulder tracking ability. Reagor IMO is best served from slot position which he'll dominate, Brown has the qualities I prefer on the outside and he will in time be deadly. 

5a. Merlin Robertson ILB - The missing piece in the middle of the defense and a perfect 3 down backer in a 4-3 possessing ideal size and range. Merlin is a physical rangy backer that does well in zone & man coverage, decent rusher, and tackles with a pop. Needs to show more of a consistent motor and be able to generate turnovers. 

5b. Charlie Kolar TE - Big boy with a huge catch radius who'll come in very handy in red-zone. Average blocker who can be coached up IMO and his speed is mediocre but he is exceptionally at catching the ball in traffic. 

6. Master Teague RB - The mauler and missing element we're currently missing in the rotation. With his injury his stock certainly takes a big hit and I hope he still here which I believe he will be. Big, strong and physical Master looks to engage and win a N-S runner but far more if healthy.

7. Roderick Perry DT - Depth but does bring an interesting set of skills and traits. 

QB: Hurts, Taylor

RB: Sanders, Scott, Teague

TE: Goedert, Rodgers. Kolar

WR: Marshall, Brown, Reagor, Ward, Watkins, Hightower

OT: Dillard, Johnson, Mailata, Driscoll

OG: Seumalo, Brooks, Herbig, Pryor

OC: Myers

DE: Graham, Sweat, Paye 

DT: Cox, Hargrave, Ridgeway, Perry

OLB: Singleton, Browning, Taylor, Riley

ILB: Robertson, Edwards

FS: Cisco, Epps

SS: McCloud, Wallace

CB: Slay, Horn, Samuel, Maddox, LeBlanc


I know everyone wants Chase and in a better world I would too, however if the Eagles get a chance to add picks over the next two you take it if the value is there. One potential star receiver won't change much year one and the team needs help pretty much everywhere. Reality is this team as of right now is facing a talent drought and cap hell for at least two years and the only way to remedy this is by getting picks and hitting on them.

My focus was mainly on defense and my reasoning is that most of the teams high priced contracts are on this side of the ball and with little to no replacements in line. Plus I always enjoyed Eagles football more when the team sports a top notch defense versus a top offense. Now I understand today that a potent offense is what everyone is trying to do, dropping 50 points is always exciting, but it 's time to usher in a new era of Eagles defense. 

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It’s been too long, brother Slade!

I love your offseason and mock! Original but somehow realistic. Riley has a close relationship with this organisation, especially with Howie. He’s been a consultant for the Eagles in the past and there’s no doubt in my mind Riley is high on their list if/when they decide to part ways with Doug. Very plausible Riley doesn’t want Wentz to run his offense and will suggest to trade him.

Love the draft! Very high on Paye! Love the Horn, Samuel, Browning and Marshall additions. Heck, I love all the picks here!

Great, great stuff, man! 👊🏻

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6 hours ago, Ray75 said:

It’s been too long, brother Slade!

I love your offseason and mock! Original but somehow realistic. Riley has a close relationship with this organisation, especially with Howie. He’s been a consultant for the Eagles in the past and there’s no doubt in my mind Riley is high on their list if/when they decide to part ways with Doug. Very plausible Riley doesn’t want Wentz to run his offense and will suggest to trade him.

Love the draft! Very high on Paye! Love the Horn, Samuel, Browning and Marshall additions. Heck, I love all the picks here!

Great, great stuff, man! 👊🏻

Yup, thanks Ray if the team went in this direction I would hope they get a haul in something in ballbark of this. The team is in a complete rebuild and would love to see a young fiery coach like Riley in charge of it.

I wish CW the best and I believe of scenery will do so much good for the kid, philly is just a tough place for some to come deal with it. I just don't see Riley and him meshing well, maybe that's just me.

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I like this mock scenario, if we do part ways with Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz, re-uniting Jalen Hurts with Lincoln Riley would be a prudent move. There are definitely questions as to what is the current trade value of Wentz, but none of us really know what he'll bring back. I like the draft picks overall, but am not crazy about trading away Derek Barnett for a 4th round pick. I think he's worth keeping around for the long haul despite the occasional bone-headed mistake. I would be very happy if we actually got the other trade(s) compensation that you mentioned in your mock, although it looks a little too optimistic. Also, I don't think Mike Kafka comes back to the Eagles. Eric Bieniemy is a front runner for the Texans and Lions HC openings and I think he'll get one of those two jobs, which would prompt Andy Reid to promote Kafka to Chiefs OC. I'm not sure who Riley would want on board as his OC, but it's interesting to note that his younger brother is the current OC at SMU. Family reunion?

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Hip hip hooray - Slade's back and the gang's almost all here!!

Love it!!

With the cap situation and the lack of $'s to sigh even our own free agents we need more picks. You've delivered that. 

A couple of this - we don't need to cut Curry, Clement or Mills. They are all free agents and we don't have the $'s to re-sign them even if we wanted to. 

Riley, LeBlanc and Ridgeway are free agents. So is Gerry.

I like the 5th 6th and 7th round picks but here's the caveat - They wouldn't be 5th 6th and 7th round picks if they could be the answers you've said they are. 

Great to see you back in the saddle.  


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