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EMB virtual playoff sports book tourney

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How about a little playoff sports wagering competition? Rules:

  • Everyone has an imaginary $1000 bankroll to start.
  • You can bet as much or as little as you want, as many games as you want, but cannot be down more than $1000 our you're out.
  • Vig for all games is -110 (regardless of the actual vig). 
  • Home team in CAPS.

See where we finish.

Wildcard Round - my picks:

BUFFALO -6.5 over Indy  $200
Tampa/WASHINGTON under 45.5 $200
TENNESSEE +3.5 over Baltimore $200
Cleveland +6 over PITTSBURGH $200

So I'm wagering $880 to win $800 and have a $120 bankroll pending the outcome of these games.  You're up. 


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