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Official Tanking for Sam Howell Thread


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4 minutes ago, uncphillyfan said:

I’m all in for Howling for Howell

Congrats on the engagement!  She finally made you buy the cow? 

1 minute ago, EricAllenPick6 said:

Wait was that the hot chick from charmed?  I’d totally get tanked to get some that action.

I’d Brody all over her cans!

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15 hours ago, eaglesfan0075 said:

Well I hope you're not talking about Sam Howell from UNC, the same UNC that just a few years ago gave the NFL the wonderful Mitchell Trubisky. 😉


Not drawing comps (usc wrs for example) but from what I've seen (not a whole lot) I'd wonder if he's worth tanking

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