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Reading Rainbow


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Who watched Reading Rainbow as a kid?


There were two episodes that were imprinted in my mind, and I think are the only two episodes that I remember today.  One was where LeVar Burton visits the home of his ancestors or something, which is an island "that's shaped like a turtle".  I still remember him talking to locals and going up into the mountains to hunt for "mountain chicken": huge frogs.  A few years ago, I thought of the episode and went to figure out the island he visited.  Based on fan sites and whatnot, it was Monserrat.  The second episode was about people immigrating to the US.  There were interviews of people of different nationalities, and they showed part of their cultures.  I still remember guys on stilts walking around in costumes.  They were from the Virgin Islands.  (But they aren't immigrants if they're from the US Virgin Islands...)  Then were was a naturalization ceremony with the Statue of Liberty in the background.  Then they ran a montage of the immigrants, with "America" by Neil Diamond playing.


Both of those episodes, from the island shaped like a turtle to the West Indian guys on stilts, must have ignited my fascination with the Caribbean.  The Caribbean islands tend to be my favorite places to visit.

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